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July 1, 2020

A choir is made up of many voices, including yours and mine.

If one by one all go silent then all that will be left are the soloists. 

Don’t let a loud few determine the nature of the sound.

It makes for poor harmony and diminishes the song.   

-- Vera Nazarian

From the Editor

PRS members have been enjoying the Zoom-based Second Sunday Spotlight events, most recently with San Francisco based assemblage artist & sculptor Sean O’Donnell. Next visit is with Cynthia Handel, currently living in Montana -- no need to commute!

Check out the description below, join in the fun, & volunteer to host or to help out; just send an email to

We change the world with art! 

Best regards,

Your PRS Newsletter Staff

PRS EXHIBITIONS COMMITTEE:  Changes due to COVID-19 pandemic

Sculpture of the Pacific Rim

Curated by Robert Melton for the San Francisco building of the Commonwealth Club California

The physical exhibition of Sculpture of the Pacific Rim will be delayed to a date to be determined, due to the pandemic. We will announce the new delivery and exhibition dates once known. Meanwhile, we invite you to view and share the Virtual Exhibition. Send questions about the exhibition or specific works to

Selected artists are Claudette Bleijenberg, Catherine Bohrman, Catherine Daley, Tara Daly, Margaritte Elliot, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Maru Hoeber, Stan Huncilman, Marilyn Kuksht (image left), Kristin Lindseth, Oleg Lobykin, Judy Miller, Jann Nunn, Jeff Owen, Mickey Quinn, Christopher Sawyer, Charles Stinson, & Oceana Rain Stuart.

Upcoming:  BEAUTY or TRUTH 

The upcoming Pacific Rim Sculptors exhibition BEAUTY or TRUTH at Art Works Downtown in San Rafael, CA has been postpone once again due to continued COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings. The new exhibition dates are Friday April 23, 2021 - Friday June 11, 2021. Juror Chandra Cerrito remains committed and is excited to review the work submitted by PRS members. The new entry deadline date is March 14, 2021.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have already submitted images, you will need to resubmit between January 1- March 14, 2021. We are sorry for this inconvenience and sincerely hope that this will be the last delay. 

Here is the updated BEAUTY or TRUTH  exhibition timeline:

  • Entries Due: Sunday March 14, 2021 11:59 pm 
  • Artists notified: Thursday April 1, 2021
  • Deliver: Saturday April 17, 2021
  • Install: April 19 - 22, 2021
  • ISDay: Saturday April 24, 2021 (TBD)
  • Reception + Art Walk: Friday May 7, 5 - 8 pm
  • Closing Reception: Friday June 11, 5 - 8 pm
  • Pick up: June 11, 8 pm + June 12, 10 am - 2 pm

Please see the full prospectus at this link 


    On Sunday June 14, 2020, Second Sunday Spotlight host Sean O’Donnell welcomed PRS members via Zoom to his studio apartment in San Francisco’s North Beach area, just a block up the hill from the bustling intersection of Broadway & Columbus Avenue, where he gave a virtual tour of his studio workspace and part of his art collection.  

    As an assemblage artist and sculptor, Sean is inspired by the characteristics of an object's materials - the type of wood, metal, & fittings - and also by how the object was constructed. He observes and is inspired by the craftsmanship revealed as he dismantles a violin or a tennis racket or other ordinary object.  This process of deconstruction and transformation is at the heart and soul of his sculptures. His artistic process is furthermore guided by certain principles:

    • He uses only objects that are beyond repair, for example, musical instruments that are no longer playable (it gives him pleasure to infuse the objects with a second life in the form of art).
    • He uses hand tools almost exclusively, which enhances his engagement and connection with the materials. He has a workbench of favorite tools that he uses 95% of the time. He has power tools in his art studio space, but uses them in his handyman business.
    • The integrity of every detail matters to him -- even parts hidden deeply beneath other parts of a sculpture.

    He says he finds his materials at the Alemany Flea Market, lays them out on a worktable, then begins to dismantle, cut-up, and reconfigure the parts into something entirely new. Participants saw objects in various stages of deconstruction & transformation. 

    The virtual tour then ascended his back stairway, along the way viewing art installed there (a small part of his 40+ years of collecting art). 

    Once in his apartment / art salon, Sean gave a preview of sixteen new pieces that will appear in ARC Gallery’s annual and always exciting FourSquared exhibition (August 2020). Each of these elegantly fanciful sculptures is constructed with a repaired, restored, working and sometimes deconstructed metronome -- continue his celebration of and fascination with the “dents, dings, patinas, and blemished beauty” inherent in the everyday found objects of his palette. Sean demonstrated that each metronome-based piece had its own distinctive sound & kinetic qualities (TransAmerica tower inspired "Pyramid-Power" below). 

    The final focus of the tour was Sean's ongoing series of works that blend organic shapes of common simple elements with blemished surfaces to convey a sense of elegant austerity -- honoring a wabi-sabi Japanese design esthetic often noted in ancient musical instruments. 


    This link will let you view & hear some of the tour. (Unfortunately the recording was in gallery view, so the speaker is in a small part of the screen; we'll correct that next time!)

    Attending a Second Sunday Spotlight is a great way to see and hear colleagues describe their work.  Hosting a Second Sunday Spotlight is a great way to share your work and hear comments from other artists, even those too distant for a comfortable commute.

    Volunteer to host an event or share ideas with the Events Committee -- Email:


    Registration is required!


    Host: Cynthia Handel

    When: 2:00 PM Sunday July 12, 2020

    We will visit PRS Member Cynthia Handel in Livingston, Montana, where she works predominantly in metals, casting her own bronze, iron & aluminum. Cynthia uses organic & urban imagery in her work. Also a fire dancer & creator of performance pieces, Cynthia previously taught sculpture at San Jose State & was an assistant professor at LSU, & California State Stanislaus in Turlock, CA. 

    Cynthia works in wide-ranging media and scale, and will share views of her works & insights about her processes (images above & below). 



    Host: Lynn Dau

    When: 2:00 PM Sunday August 9, 2020

    The August Spotlight will visit Lynn Dau, a San Jose State University lecturer in beginning sculpture, who creates contemporary freestanding or wall piece assemblages using found objects or replicas of found objects cast in bronze, aluminum, or concrete. 



    When: 2:00 PM Sunday September 13, 2020

    The September Spotlight will visit Eric Saint Georges, who teaches sculpture and figure drawing at Pacific Art League in Palo Alto. Eric creates abstracted figurative works in clay, bronze, stone, & wood

    PRS Events Committee welcomes your ideas & participation!  

    Do you have ideas or want to do Zoom-based portfolio reviews? discussion groups? happy hour chats? 

    Send an email to the Events Committee at:



    Barry Beach's video "Tunnels of the Mind" was projected on a Jumbotron in Times Square, NYC, NY, as a part of the ZAZ10 Gallery exhibition of works by SFAI Alumni; curator was Orit Ben Shitrit. 

    Barry Beach, "Tunnels of the Mind"


    Jeff Key has works in the online exhibition Opening a WINDOW, a Window onto the World, curated & presented by Brigitte Micmacker of SculptureSite Gallery, Glen Ellen, CA. The gallery describes the exhibition, "Many of us have been spending days looking at the world through our windows this spring. Because the security measures for confinement and lock-downs vary so much from country to country and US state to state, some artists have been able to continue working normally, while others are re-inventing their practice, or shifting from metal to paper, from bronze to plastic or from glass to paint. We are delighted to bring to you, wherever you are, this selection of recent sculptures that evoke an opening, a window to the outside, or to the inside. Watching spring erupt from our windows, clapping to honor the new heroes and heroines of our time, imagining ourselves escaping to the outdoors and again embracing friends and relatives, or spending these quiet times in rest and reflection, much of our current lives relate to windows this season." View the works at this link

    Jeff Key, "Vessel #87: Pulse", 2020, 25"H x 30"W x 12"D, wood & flax


    Jan Blythe's video piece "Reach" (images below) was also projected on a Jumbotron in Times Square, NYC, NY, as a part of the ZAZ10 Gallery exhibition of works by SFAI Alumni; curator was Orit Ben Shitrit.

    The pieces were simultaneously projected onto the SFAI campus bell tower in San Francisco, CA. 


    Pro Arts Gallery + Commons has published a 36 page catalog of their solo exhibition Kathleen King: Aided, Inspired, Multiplied.  The catalog features an introduction by gallery director Natalia Ivanova Mount and an interview by Leora Lutz. Photos are by Dana Davis. Comprised of ten works of assemblage, sculpture and installation, the show is aided by sources from Constructivism, to Arte Povera, to African-American textiles.Taking an informal attitude towards formalism, the artist transforms cast-off materials through arrangement: interlocking, piling, stacking, hanging, tying and leaning. Inspiration is also drawn from urban surroundings to reference construction sites, encampments, streets, signage and fences. The catalog is available at for $20. 


    Stephen Whisler's works appear in Bird, Nest, Nature, a juried, invitational exhibition at Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA, featuring a roster of local and national artists, and juried by Jeffrey De Blois, Assistant Curator, ICA Boston & by Rebecca Lowery, Assistant Curator, MOCA, Los Angeles, CA. (Images below are of Stephen's piece "For the Birds".)

    Birds have captured the attention of humankind since the beginning of time. The earliest evidence of our love of birds can be found in cave drawings that reflect all that we cherish in nature from flora to fauna. Birdsongs and birdcalls, incorporated into artworks and compositions for hundreds of years, still inspire contemporary artists today. With their exquisite coloring, stunning tufts of feathers, distinctive silhouettes and graceful flight patterns, birds entice us to look up and marvel. The interest endures from the indomitable and historic artist John James Audubon to contemporary artists such as Walton Ford and Fred Tomaselli. The exhibition has a reception July 12, 2020 and continues to August 18, 2020.



    Jerry Barrish is featured in the new video "PLASTIC MAN, the artful life of Jerry Ross Barrish" as a part of the Jewish Film Institute's Cinegogue Sessions. Read more and visit links at this site


    Jane Grimm received the Third Place Award for her piece "Allegro II" in the Marin Society of Art exhibition Expressions 2020 in San Rafael, CA, curated by gallery owner, Andrea Schwartz, who stated "I liked the dimensional aspect of it and that it was a different medium that was not only dimensional but had a textural quality to it."

    Jane Grimm, "Allegro II"


    Ruth Geos' piece "Beyond the Realm of Bird" appears in Bird, Nest, Nature, a juried, invitational exhibition at Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA, featuring a roster of local and national artists, and juried by Jeffrey De Blois, Assistant Curator, ICA Boston & by Rebecca Lowery, Assistant Curator, MOCA, Los Angeles, CA. 

    (See )

    Ruth Gets, "Beyond the Realm of Bird #21-40" (ongoing series 1998 to present), 3.5"H x 12.5"W x 12.5"D, gold, 20 individual bird squares, bird feathers [including molt of parrot, budgerigar, lovebird, cockatoo, cockatiel, conure, peacock, pheasant, chicken, and other birds], water- gilded wood [cherry wood, rabbit skin glue, whiting, red clay bole, water]. Poetry by Emily Dickinson, ​A wind that rose. Photograph by Judy Reed Photography.


    Catherine Daley's piece "H2 Owe" received an honorable mention from juror Ken Harman Hashimoto for the exhibition Left Coast, at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Novato, CA. The exhibition features works by 46 artists from across the country who are inspired by the ideology and allure of the West Coast. 

    Ken Harman Hashimoto is a gallerist, curator and arts writer based in New York City. His eponymous gallery space, Hashimoto Contemporary, was founded in San Francisco's Lower Nob Hill neighborhood in 2013. Six years later he expanded with a second location in New York City's Lower East Side. Both galleries present rotating monthly exhibitions featuring solo or group shows with a focus on emerging contemporary artists. 

    The museum is open to a limited number of attendees who must wear a mask and socially distance. See a virtual tour of the exhibition at this link.

    Catherine Daley, "H2 Owe", 2018, 3"H x 5"W x 8"D, bronze, 


    Natasha Dikareva recently presented "Made In Rome:  Artist Talk & Virtual Studio Tour". In a preview statement she wrote, "To say I got inspired by Rome during my 2018 art residency is an understatement. I treasure every moment of my month there, and the memories will definitely last for a lifetime! Every day, as I worked in the studio, my work was infused with the spirit of ancient Roman archetypes, Renaissance and Baroque museum masterpieces and local contemporary energy. Everything is so interconnected, layered and mixed in this ancient city. Living this deep in history, the boundary between the distant past and the commonplace daily life dissolves. The collection of pieces I'll be presenting is inspired by the antique history and mythology of Rome intertwined with everyday contemporary activities. A lion wanders around with someone who used to be Cybele in a bygone age, but now the lion has his freedom and no longer has to pull her carriage, while she tries on sunglasses and dreams of Mediterranean excursions. Another pair, a poodle and a patrician, no longer interested in Machiavellian schemes, now delight in taking selfies and showing off their power curls. A Pegasus finally arrives to visit a poet who had been waiting for millennia to be reunited with his swiftly traveling brother. The arc of the poet's thoughts and dreams finally reached the Pegasus and provided a bridge to our world. During this presentation along with the fruits of my labor from Rome, I'll be showing images of and telling stories about the masterpieces I was inspired by. Looking forward to sharing this amazing experience with you!"  (The event was June 28, 2020.)

    Natasha Dikareva, "La Ragazza con Gelato" 


    Stephanie Metz has new videos on her YouTube Channel. Her touchable sculpture exhibit Stephanie Metz: InTouch at the de Saisset Museum at Santa Clara University had to close early due to campus and County COVID-19 precautions, but now you can view the exhibition from home:

    • Watch a documentary-style Artist Talk video for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of InTouch artworks and their presentation at the museum.
    • Take a video tour through the Hanging Pods and the Holdables to get a visual sense of the experience.

    Visit for your virtual visit to the de Saisset Museum. 



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