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April 1, 2021

The April Second Sunday Spotlight will an in-person visit to the DeYoung Museum to see the Calder-Picasso exhibition. Tickets are required (email questions to Read more below.

Read also below about new video resources, BEAUTY or TRUTH juror selections, the ISC Chapter Members' exhibition, the recent Second Sunday Spotlight, and more.

Welcome new members Michael Bernard of San Mateo, CA (see, & Jim Wheeler of Aukland, New Zealand (!

Now change the world with your art!

-- PRS Newsletter Volunteers


Jann Nunn & Catherine Daley, PRS Exhibitions Committee Co-chairs


A large number of strong works were submitted to the show's call-for-entry. Juror Chandra Cerrito selected one work of art from each of 26 artists. 

". . . I am excited to see the very interesting range of works.  I was struck that artists seem to be coming from very different perspectives on sculpture.  Some seem quite traditional, mastering the ability to work with challenging materials and techniques.  Others seem untethered to traditional craft and / or representation.  I am pleased that the final selections span these approaches and, I hope, highlight the strengths of a full spectrum of sculptural practices."  --- Chandra Cerrito

In blind review of all submitted artworks, Chandra Cerrito selected works by the following artists (in alphabetical order):

Barry Beach, Barbara Berk, Jan Blythe, Cheryl Coon, Catherine Daley, Tara Daly, Lynn Dau, Rene Dayan-Whitehead, Marguerite Elliot, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Jacquelyn Giuffre, Annette Goodfriend, Jane Grimm, Karl Hauser, Maru Hoeber, Rachel Karklin, Jeff Key, Oleg Lobykin, Judy Miller, Jann Nunn, Joseph Slusky, Marina Smelik, Charles Stinson, B Stevens Strauss, Lynne Todaro, & Emil Yanos.

The sculptures will be exhibited from April 23 through June 11, 2021 at Art Works Downtown, Marin County's premier non-profit art center, located on Fourth Street in downtown San Rafael, CA. The Friday April 23 opening of the exhibition coincides with International Sculpture Day (Saturday April 24th), and will receive exposure on the ISC calendar & IS-Day pages (exhibiting artists: Use hashtag #ISDay on social media posts!). The exhibition will be both on-site & online. Receptions are planned for 5-8 PM on May 14 & June 11. (The gallery is open to limited numbers of safely masked visitors. )

Sculpture of the Pacific Rim 

Curated by Robert Melton, the exhibition was originally planned for physical exhibition in the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Due to the pandemic, the show became an extended virtual exhibition, which continues through July 2021. View and share this link to the Virtual Exhibition. Send questions about the exhibition or specific works to

Included are works by these artists (in alphabetical order):  Claudette Bleijenberg, Catherine Bohrman, Catherine Daley, Tara Daly, Margaritte Elliot, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Maru Hoeber, Stan Huncilman, Marilyn Kuksht, Kristin Lindseth, Oleg Lobykin, Judy Miller, Jann Nunn, Jeff Owen, Mickey Quinn (image left), Christopher Sawyer, Charles Stinson, & Oceana Rain Stuart.

Send exhibition suggestions to


    Eileen Fitz-Faulkner & Catherine Daley, PRS Events Committee Co-chairs

    Welcome Steve Dellicarpini!

    Co-chairs Eileen Fitz-Faulkner & Catherine Daley welcome new member to the Events Committee Steve Dellicarpini, who just returned from Miami, where he installed & maintained a piece that he created for Kiki Smith! Check out Steve's impressive artwork:  (

    The very popular Second Sunday Spotlight slots are filling fast for 2021, so contact the committee soon to showcase your artwork, demonstrate a technique, or offer a studio tour (virtual for now; physical visits will resume when safe). Don't worry about the details! Committee members will assist you with Zoom & guide you every step of the way so that your event is well received! Email



    Jeff Key, “Theories of Evolution - Vessel Series”

    The March 14 Second Sunday Spotlight visited the studio of Jeff Key, who gave a brief video virtual tour of his studio, then showed his fascinating works, & talked about his inspirations & techniques. Jeff comments,

    My work focuses on Theories of Evolution with allegorical and metaphorical references to the past, present and future. In examining questions of evolution I have taken into consideration aspects of birth and death, rites of passage, war and power, transportation, shelter, communication, and food / water sources with reference to the influence of natural elements such as fire, water and the Earth’s incongruities on these systems.

    My recent work, although abstract in nature, makes allusion to the vessel, a cross-cultural and at times totemic form, which represents human presence and the cycle of life. The pieces are primarily constructed with wood and flax, a natural plant fiber. For health and political reasons I stopped using toxic materials when I began the “Vessel Series.”

    Jeff also creates impressive photo collages that combine images of his works in striking geographic settings inspired by his travels. Jeff has a blog,, which combines these photo collages with writings about their inspirations. See & follow him at

    Jeff Key, “Vessel #60”— Sonata”, wood

    Jeff Key, “Vessel #88”— Birdseye”, wood, flax

    Jeff Key, “Vessel #8”— Closure”, wood, flax

    Jeff Key, “Apocalypse Rising -- Belly of the Beast", photo-collage

    Jeff Key, “Yesnaby Cliffs, Orkney Islands, Scotland", photo-collage

    Jeff Key, “Vessel Series - Nesting", photo-collage


    April 11, 2021 

    CALDER & PICASSO at the DeYoung Museum

    For April 11, 2021, the Events Committee has scheduled an in-person visit to the Calder-Picasso exhibition at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. This is the first American venue for the exhibition, which features more than 100 sculptures, paintings, drawings, and graphics by Alexander Calder (1898–1976) and Pablo Picasso (1881–1973), two of the most innovative and influential artists of the twentieth century. Conceived and curated by Alexander Calder’s grandson Alexander S. C. Rower and Pablo Picasso’s grandson Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, the exhibition reveals both parallel and diverging visions of the two great artists. PRS Events Committee Co-chair Catherine Daley will meet PRS members in the garden area from 12:00 Noon to 1:30PM. Advanced tickets are required and are timed every 15 minutes with social distancing required. Museum hours for Sunday: 9:30 am to 5:15 pm. The exhibition closes May 23, 2021. 

    Host a Zoom-based virtual visit to your studio:

    Show your website, works in progress, demonstrate a technique,

    or just talk about art.



    ISC Chapter Members Showcase

    From March 1 to April 30, 2021 ISC is showcasing on an online exhibition of works by members of its several Chapters, including PRS members Barry Beach, Catherine Daley, Pamela Merory Dernham, Christopher Dworin, Gene Erickson, Erik Saint Georges, Annette Goodfriend, Jane Grimm, Jeff Key, Jann Nunn, Lynne Todaro, & Corinne Whitaker.  For more information, email 

    Christopher Dworin

    Christopher Dworin, “Twilight of the Gods - Zeus”, 2020, 28”H x 13”W x 18”D, clay

    Barry Beach

    Barry Beach, "From the Accumulations & Excavations Series #5”, 2020, 25”H x 26”w x 4”D, reclaimed wood, tracing paper, glue



    “Hang”, 2018, 38”H x 14”W x 6.25”D, landscaping stakes, painters’ tape, spring, metal object

    Nancy Brown's "Hang" (above) appears in the 2021 Left Coast Annual Exhibition at Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA. The group exhibition's juror was Christine Koppes, Curator & Director of Public Programs at ICA, San Jose, CA. The exhibition opens April 9 and continues through May 16, 2021.


    Catherine Daley, “The Source”, photograph

    Catherine Daley's works appear in the book EXTRACTION: Art on the Edge of the Abyss (2021, pp. 132 & 135 under Calabi Gallery). The book is a multimedia, multi-venue, cross-border art intervention to provoke societal change by exposing and interrogating the negative social and environmental consequences of industrialized natural resource extraction. A global coalition of artists and creators committed to shining a light on all forms of extractive industry—from mining and drilling to the reckless plundering and exploitation of fresh water, fertile soil, timber, marine life, and innumerable other resources across the globe. The Extraction Project will culminate in a constellation of nearly fifty overlapping exhibitions, performances, installations, site-specific work, land art, street art, publications, poetry readings, and cross-media events throughout 2021 and beyond.

    EXTRACTION will take place in multiple locations throughout the U.S. and abroad during the Summer of 2021. The project will be de-centered, non-hierarchical, and self-organizing, which means that artists, art venues, curators, and art supporters will participate and collaborate as they see fit, including helping the project expand geographically. Everyone can be both creator and catalyst. At a time of growing despair and paralysis, people from all backgrounds and levels of experience—from the amateur to the virtuoso—can take action. All are invited to join in "creating an international art ruckus". (See:  This is a special project of the CODEX Foundation (

    Catherine's photograph “The Source” (image above) is of a traditional Wappo woman, who honors the land in Pepperwood Preserve and Mount Saint Helena. The Wappo, who lived in balance with their environment for hundreds of years, consider the mountain to be the sacred source of life.

    Catherine's work “Desertification” (image below) refers to the process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of climate change and exploitation of soil by human activity.

    Catherine Daley, “Desertification"


    Natasha Dikareva, ”How Much Can You Take?”2020, 15”H x 14”W x 10”D, porcelain, stains, glazes, glass

    Natasha Dikareva has works in the exhibition In the Annex. The Annex exhibition series opens in April at the Fountain Street Gallery in Boston, MA, with three artists who work in different media but share portraiture-based approaches. Natasha’s creations in clay and glass depict the recent state of humanity. These pieces, created during the quarantine, grow appendages to feel out our frenzied social shifts and build up layers of shell and coral to protect themselves. They feel the urge to reach out but hold back, diving instead into memories and virtual reality. They are holding precious discoveries like a pearl of wisdom or a tiny shell which helps them to stay grounded during the tumult of our changing tides. Also in the exhibition are painter Robyn Thompson Duong and photographer Chelsea Bradway; both offer stories of women’s strength and beauty and challenge societal perceptions and stereotypes of Black femininity. The exhibition continues through April 25, 2021. See



    Jann Nunn, "!" (Exclamation Point), 2019, 114"H x 48"W x 24"D, stainless steel, powder coat

    Jann Nunn created an enthusiastic, perhaps a tad tipsy, larger-than-life exclamation point for the City of Napa's Napa Art Walk. Constructed out of 1200 slightly curved ¼” welded stainless steel rods, the piece's shimmering deep red surface invites viewers to contemplate a full-bodied red wine poured and swirling in its glass. Jann says, 

    "I began a series of exclamation point sculptures several years ago as a humorous critique. The ubiquitous exclamation point, once regarded as superfluous, is now almost required when communicating electronically. At this scale, '!' exclaims itself as a monolith to its own emphatic grandeur."

    The exhibition continues through April 27, 2021. See 



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