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for October 1, 2021

Sculpture of the Pacific Rim opens at the Commonwealth Club!

The long-delayed physical exhibition features works by Claudette Bleijenberg, Catherine Bohrman, Catherine Daley, Tara Daly, Margaritte Elliot, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Maru Hoeber, Stan Huncilman, Marilyn Kuksht, Kristin Lindseth, Oleg Lobykin, Judy Miller, Jann Nunn, Jeff Owen, Mickey Quinn, Christopher Sawyer, Charles Stinson, & Oceana Rain Stuart. The show opens with a private reception on Saturday October 2. Note that due to COVID, the reception event is sharply limited & invitation-only. Attendance is restricted to the Commonwealth Club's Leadership Circle, the the exhibiting artists, and a limited number of their invited guests. Beginning the following week, the public can visit the exhibition during the Commonwealth Club's regular hours.

Thank you to members who have made much-appreciated donations of time and money to support PRS events and exhibitions!

The PRS Board of Directors is seeking candidates for the 2022 Board. Learn more about how you might help shape the organization's future by sending an email to with subject heading "Board".

Note this newsletter is unusually long: it includes materials submitted in August as well as September.

Read, enjoy, think, and volunteer. And change the world with your art.

-- PRS Newsletter Volunteers


Jann Nunn, Catherine Daley, Marguerite Elliot, Oleg Lobykin, & Charles Stinson

The above named PRS volunteers worked hard to plan the Sculpture of the Pacific Rim exhibition at the Commonwealth Club, San Francsico, CA, curated by Robert Melton. In addition to finding a great venue & curator, the team also located a source of excellent pedestals for the exhibition, and transported them to the exhibition site. The exhibit opens Saturday October 2, 2021, but the attendance will be limited.  See more about the exhibition at this link.

Oleg Lobykin, loading pedestals into his truck for delivery to the exhibition



Mary Curtis Ratcliff of Berkeley, CA, creates works that are abstract, ephemeral, kinetic, and may involve water. She currently concentrates on circular, kinetic sculptures that incorporate her photography. Her other techniques include drawing, painting, and image transfer in multilayered intricate explorations of nature, pattern, and perception. Check out her website at


Jane Ingram Allen's work and her profile story appear in the September 8, 2021 issue of ARTnews, New York based publication covering art from ancient to contemporary times. View the issue at this link.

Jane Ingram Allen, "Living Quilt for Nestucca", 2021, installed on August 12, 2021, at Nestucca Valley K-12 School, Cloverdale, OR; 

8 feet x 10 feet, 20 blocks each 17 x 21 inches, photographs by Timothy S. Allen

Detail of Living Quilt for Nestucca, showing seeds in pulp and quilt pattern with salmon and waves, 

view of Living Quilt for Nestucca from bottom of bed showing trees in borders


Jerry Barrish has works in the exhibition Posies: A Pocketful at GearBox Gallery, Oakland, CA, curated by Ruth Santee. The exhibit promises more than mere reverence for the “flower”. Posies: A Pocketful explores the unique interpretations 11 established artists have with this subject matter. Posies in this exhibit include: Bronze, steel Ikebana, abstracted zip tie flowers, ceramic blossoms, dancing paper mache flowers, illuminated neon flora, floral assemblage of found objects, paper flowers, and flowers on paper. The exhibit continues through 10/2/2021. Artists in the exhibition are David Kimball Anderson, Jerry Ross Barrish, Lynn Beldner, John Casey, Cheryl Coon, Roger Daniells, Vicki Gunter, Carrie Lederer, Ruth Santee, Tiffanie Turner, Franca Van Allen. See more information at this link.

Jerry Barrish, "Happy Bouquet"2021, 46"H x 16"W x 16"D, assemblage found materials and spray paint

Jerry Barrish, "Memorial Bouquet", 202124"H x 16"W x 17.5"D, assemblage found materials and spray paint


Cheryl Coon has works in the 35th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, 5690 Bay Street, Emeryville, CA, from 10/2/2021 to 10/31/2021. See more information at this link

Cheryl Coon, "My Covid Wall, part 4 (homage to Ruth Asawa)"2021144"H x 144"W x 24"D, nylon, steel, aluminum

Cheryl also has works in the Annual 50/50 Show, where artists make 50 pieces in 50 days, at the Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica, CA, with Juror Shannon Trimble, 9/10/2021 - 10/10/2021. See more information at this link.

Cheryl Coon, "Cat Scans"20216"H x 6"W x 1"Ddigital scan

Cheryl also has works in Posies: A Pocketful at the GearBox Gallery, Oakland, CACurator Ruth Santee from 9/3/2021 to 10/2/2021. See more information at this link

Cheryl Coon, "Cyclotella Radiosa", 2021, 144"H x 84"W x 24", nylon, steel, led lights

Cheryl also has works in the exhibition Pivot at Curated by the Sea, Santa Cruz, CA, curated by Melissa Kreisa, Rose Sellery, Tina Brown from 9/3/2021 to 10/3/2021. The Santa Cruz Pivot show pairs wearable sculptures with installations, paintings, and mixed media artists. See more information at this link

Cheryl Coon, "My Covid Wall, part 5", 2021144"H x 84"W x 24"D, nylon, aluminum, steel, plastic


During Marguerite Elliot's month-long artist residency at Burren College of Art, Ballvaughan, County Clare, Ireland, she created the collaborative installation Incantations of Earth and Sky working with Dutch artist Dymphna de Wild. The two researched the unique and unusual landscape of The Burren, along with ancient pre-Celtic folklore. Marguerite states: "Using natural materials as well as found objects, we invoked the spirits of the past as well as blessings and hopes for the future. Bushes and trees located near pagan holy wells are covered in paper and rag tatters with prayers for healing inscribed on them. Many other cultures such as Japan, Tibet, Native American have the same practices. Our structure installed on the campus at Burren College of Art invites students and locals to add their own hopes and prayers especially for our earth." The exhibition runs from 8/1/2021 to 8/1/2022. See more information at this link.

Marguerite Elliot and Dymphna de Wild, "Incantations of Earth and Sky", 2021180"H x 288"W x 60"D, 

Wood, cloth, string, sheeps wool, found objects

Marguerite Elliot, ""Incantations Of Earth And Sky" (detail)

Marguerite also has works appearing in the Sculpture of the Pacific Rim at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, CA, Curator Robert Melton (9/1/2021 to 1/31/2021). 

Marguerite Elliot, "Kokyangwuti:Grandmother Spider, She Who Brings Light To The Earth"2019

108"H x 24"W x 24"D, Steel, Powder Coated Paint, 23K Gold Leaf, Wire (photograph by Stephanie Mohan)

Marguerite Elliot, ""Kokyangwuti:Grandmother Spider" (detail)

Marguerite also has works appearing in Art x Marin, a Marin County, CA wide, outdoor, site-based art exhibition featuring Bay Area artists and makers. 2021 is the inaugural year; the exhibition dates are 9/10/2021 to 10/17/2021. See more information at this link.

Marguerite Elliot, "Where Have All The Birds Gone?"2021192"H x 48"W x 48"D, 

Steel, powder coated paint, photograph by Stephanie Mohan; detail view below


Kristin Lindseth's solo exhibition Returning Home is an exhibition of multimedia sculptures, dedicated to those who were evacuated or lost their homes in the Lightning Complex fires. The exhibited pieces are small houses mounted on PGE scaffolding, lit from within by miniature lights and with music playing from within; included is a Fire Lookout Tower complete with telescopes, radio and microphone.  The houses are modeled after Santa Cruz mountain homes furnished with rustic handmade furniture. Only what is needed to live is included. The reception was held on the first Saturday of July and another was held on the 13th of August when an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Mark Di Suvero opened. The exhibit is at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo, CA, and was curated by Courtney Davis; 7/2/2021 - 9/26/2021. See more information at this link

Kristin Lindseth, "Blue House"2020

62.5"H x 20"W x 15"DWood, metal, lights, sound

Kristin Lindseth, "Fire Lookout Tower", 2021,

91"H x 30"W x 27.5"D, Wood, light, metal


Eric Saint Georges has works in the exhibition FourSquared 2021, at Arc Gallery and Studios, San Francisco, CA, curated by Michael Yochum, 8/28/2021 to 10/9/2021. The exhibition is a unique exploration of works of sixteen Bay Area artists, each of whom has produced sixteen small works, presented in sixteen clusters giving the audience the experience of sixteen micro solo exhibitions. All works are priced under $600. This 12th annual exhibition is a continuing reflection of the curator's strong and abiding interest in affordable art represented here by some of our most talented local artists. See more information at this link.

Eric Saint Georges, "Zika 2", 2021, 10"H x 5"W x 4"D, clay

Eric Saint Georges, "Dana Sitting 1", 2020, 9"H x 6"W x 5"D, clay

Eric Saint Georges, "I feel good today", 2021, 14"H x 4"W x 2"D, clay

Eric was also selected as a Fusion Art Artist Spotlight for August 2021Each month, Fusion Art Online selects one traditional, one digital & photography, and one 3-dimensional artist for month-long online solo art exhibitions. The gallery created this solo art exhibition opportunity as a means for merging, mid-level and, even, professional artists to gain more worldwide online exposure. See more information at this link.


Joseph Slusky has works in the exhibition Collaborations and Tangents, Joseph Slusky and Katie Hawkinson: 30 Years of Making and Exhibiting Art Together, at the Museum of FriendsWalsenburg, ColoradoCurator Brendt Berger (founder of Museum of Friends), 8/13/2021 - 11/30/2021. See more information at this link.

Joseph Slusky & Katie Hawkinson, "Collaborative Mural - Builders Books Source", 2021, 96"H x 640"W x 48"D,

acrylic paint on Plywood, photographs by Katie Hawkinson

"Collaborative Mural - Builders Books Source", alternate view

"Collaborative Mural - Builders Books Source", alternate view

Joseph's works also appear in the solo exhibition Joseph Slusky - Sculptures at 505 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CACurator:  Lisa Lee Smith7/23/2021 - 10/15/2021

Joseph Slusky, "Bumper", 1965, 9.5"H x 10.5"W x 8.5"D, Steel, Chrome, and Lacquer Paint


Lynne Todaro was nominated for a Rydell Visual Arts Fellowship of the Community Foundation Santa Cruz County Santa Cruz, CA. The awards recognize artistic excellence and have no other conditions in terms of financial need or stage of career —  the fellowships are intended to allow artists greater uninterrupted creative time and to improve their financial ability to continue making art in this region. Nominations were invited from 99 visual arts organizations. Awards will be announced in January 2022. See more information at this link

Lynne is also in an Open Studios Preview Exhibition group show of artists participating in Santa Cruz Open Studios, Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, CA. Each person shows one artwork to represent their studio10/1/2021 - 10/17/2021. See more information at this link.

Lynne Todaro, "Summer Totem", 2021, 24"H x 8"W x 8"D,

recycled plastic on steel and wood

Lynne will be participating in the Santa Cruz Open Studios county wide tour of artist studios. Her studio is in the Tannery Art Center, Santa Cruz, CA, in the North County and can be visited the 2nd and 3rd weekends of October from 11 am to 5 pm10/9/2021 - 10/17/2021. See more information at this link

Lynne Todaro, "Vanitiki", 2017, 40"H x 24"W x 20"D, bronze and Iron with tiki torch

Lynne Todaro, "Spring Totem", 2021,

22"H x 8"W x 8"D, recycled plastic on steel

Lynne Todaro, "#373", 2021, 50"H x 24"W x 24"D, found metal

Lynne has works in the exhibition In the Presence of Pomegranates, a group exhibition of art relating to the theme of pomegranates at ACCI, Berkeley, CACurator Holly DeFount9/1/2021 - 9/6/2021. See more information at this link.

Lynne Todaro, "Persephone", 2009, 10"H x 12"W x 8"D, bronze

And Lynne has works in Reflections, an exhibition with the theme of “Reflections” . . . an unhurried consideration of something recalled to the mind. Narrative art by the members of the Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild, Pajaro Valley Arts, Watsonville, CA, 8/25/2021 - 10/3/2021. See more information at this link

Lynne Todaro, "After Dinner", 2021, 4.5"H x 6"W x 6"D, copper, brass, silver, wood, paper


Eve Werner was selected as one of 15 promising visual artists from regional Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) programs to receive a Cadogan Contemporary Art Award of the San Francisco Foundation, San Francisco, CA. The awards and exhibition feature students' works connecting directly to the local, national, and global concerns of the arts field. Awardees receive mentorship from renowned artist and curator Kevin B. Chen and SOMArts Cultural Center. Werner is currently pursuing an MFA at SFAI. The exhibition is 9/11/2021 - 10/3/2021. See more information at this link

Eve Werner, "In Defensible Space", 29" x 47", burnt rifles and chaparral branches

Eve Werner, "Mineral Artifact", 17" x 31",

fragments of boulder splintered in the 2018 Camp Fire


Jim Wheeler's works appear in the exhibition Sculpture in the Gardens iAuckland, New Zealand, curators:  Lynda Tyler, Ioane Ioane, and Catherine Hamilton

Since 2007, the Sculpture in the Gardens exhibition has run every second summer at the Auckland Botanic Gardens. This will be the eighth exhibition. Sculptures will be installed along an outdoor trail of two kilometres through the Gardens covering the varied landscape, from expansive lawns to lakes, stands of trees to mass plantings of flowers.

Sculptors for each exhibition are chosen by a curatorial panel of three. To date these curators have been an academic of fine arts, a landscape architect and a practising sculptor.  

Well-known to new and emerging New Zealand artists have had their works exhibited. The exhibition runs for an extended time, draws numerous visitors, and has a supportive exhibition team. The last exhibition attracted 360,000 visitors.The exhibition runs from 20 November 2021 - 6 March 2022, Summer in New Zealand, when the Gardens are at their most vibrant and visitation is highest. Exhibiting this Summer will be 20 works from 30 artistsThe Gardens display 24 permanent sculptures (most purchased by the Friends of the Gardens from previous Sculpture in the Gardens exhibitions). This significant collection of New Zealand art relates well to its settings and attracts year round attention. See more information at this link.

Jim Wheeler, "Mangemange" (climbing fern), 2021, 130"H x 20"W x 20"D,

cast and fabricated bronze, brass and copper.

Jim Wheeler, "Mangemange" (climbing fern), cast components


Corrine Whitaker is pleased to announce her new studio in Carmel By The Sea, CA. Corinne states: "The Digital Giraffe is opening a new working studio / office in Carmel By the Sea, California. You will find us at the back of one of Carmel's charming courtyards, Heather Glen, on Mission Street North of 8th. THE place for digital painting, digital sculpture, and 3D printed sculpture. Come to look, discuss, learn and enjoy!" See more information at this link

Corinne Whitaker, "Bride", 2021, 72"H x 48"W x 10"D, mixed media

Corinne Whitaker, "Gloom", 2021, 72"H x 48"W x 12"D, mixed media

Corinne Whitaker, "Digital Giraffe sign", 1994, 10"H x 8"W x 2"D, carved wood

Corinne also has a new book published in Intersculpt 2020-2021, 25 years of International Cybersculpture, 2021, with a full page of Whitaker's digital sculptures and 3D printed sculptures

MARVIN LIPOFSKY (1938 - 2016)

After a year long delay and a few construction set backs, the long-promised Lipofsky Exhibition at the San Francisco International Airport is finally up. If you are passing through the SFO International Terminal, head over to the departures area near the entrance to "G" Gates. There you will see Marvin's works in 8 vitrines, all works that he made while traveling the globe; Japan, Russia, Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, and the Czech Republic. Nothing could be more appropriate than to honor Marvin at the airport, given how much time he spent there. You can see them outside of the TSA check point so you will not need a ticket. The exhibition will continue until September 2022. Many thanks to all staff at SFO Museum for their devotion to this project.  Photos © SFO Museum. All rights reserved.


Jan Blythe will be participating in the Open Studio Exhibition at Historic Benicia Arsenal, Tyler Street Buildings, Benicia, CA, 10/9/2021-10/10/2021. See Jan's website at



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