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for November 1, 2021

Fall & Winter Holidays Approach

The long-delayed physical exhibition of Sculpture of the Pacific Rim finally opened Saturday October 2 at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. The show will run through March 2022. The public can visit the exhibition on Wednesdays between 11 AM and 3 PM or by appointment. Artists are asked to make arrangements in advance with the Commonwealth Club before inviting guests. Find more information at

The PRS Board of Directors is reviewing candidates for the 2022 Board of Directors. 

Read, enjoy, think, and volunteer. And change the world with your art.

-- PRS Newsletter Volunteers


Marina Smelik, "Dispersion in Convergence"

Marina Smelik says about her works, "I grew up in the suburbs on the coast of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by forest and beautiful beaches. Close contact with nature affected my whole life, especially made its mark on my artistic style."

Marina Smelik, "Relentless in Pursuit"

"While in high school I enrolled in the School-Studio of the Fine Arts that provided me a strong foundation of academic knowledge of many different techniques and styles and set me off on the path of exploration. I have done plein-air pastel painting, watercolor and oil painting, silk screening, and mixed media. Over time 3D art became most appealing to me. I focused on direct stone carving and ceramics."

"The inspiration for my works always comes from nature. . . . The more I observe and explore the world around us, the more I marvel at its originality and uniqueness. . . . My favorite materials are stone and clay."


Marina Smelik, "Mystery Within"

"Stone cannot be compared to any other material. Every stone has its character. When I'm working with a stone, I'm listening to what it 'tells' me. Sometimes the stone is a collaborator; sometimes it is an opponent. . . .  I'm trying to express my thoughts and enrich them with purity of the material. . . . "


Marina Smelik, "Vanishing Vision of Incoherent Dimension" & "Anatomy of the Mind"

"Another material I'm working with is clay. Almost completely opposite to stone, it is an obedient and cooperative material that allows me to embody my ideas in hand-built sculptures and pottery. I find clay's natural color and texture attractive and try to preserve them in works as much as possible. I use glazes sporadically, only to highlight or contrast the natural beauty of the clay. Underglaze painting also opens new horizons in working with clay and offers many new possibilities."


Marina Smelik, "Timeless Evolution #1", "Time to Fly", & "How Not to Get Lost in This Reality"

"I currently offer a series of online workshops and classes in 3D art for adults and kids. My goal of teaching is to develop a love for creativity and make sure that every student feels satisfaction from the process of creation and the result. Some of my works are currently exhibited in All About Women, a national juried show at the Marin Society of Artists (see video at this link), and in Emergence, a juried online show by the Pacific Northwest Sculptors."

As a PRS volunteer, Marina Smelik receives and processes PRS member 'Single Best Work' images that appear on the PRS homepage slideshow. (Instructions for submitting new image here).

Thank you, Marina, for your volunteer contributions!



Charles Gadeken of San Francisco uses his preferred media of “light, metal, & magic” to create large scale works of art and technology for public interactions. Check out his website: Charles’ volunteer interest areas included hosting meetings in his area and fundraising.  

Charles Gadeken, "Entwined Meadow" at Peacock Meadow, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA


The PRS exhibition Sculpture of the Pacific Rim finally had its year-long COVID-delayed opening reception at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, CA on Saturday October 2nd.

Three sculptures by Oceana Rain Stuart in the front windows

Indoor sculptures were installed in the first floor entry, stairwell landing, and large second floor. 


Jann Nunn's sculpture on the left; two sculptures by Jeff Owen in the middle and right

Țara Daly's installation sculpture on the second floor

Congratulations to Maru Hoeber, whose ceramic sculpture sold to a guest at the opening reception.

The day was perfectly beautiful for the rooftop garden reception, and the spectacular view of the Bay was a striking backdrop for the event and viewing outdoor sculptures. 



Photographs by Oleg Lobykin of guests and artists at the rooftop garden reception at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco

Commonwealth Club Executive Director of Events Alex Hernandez and Curator Robert Melton (below) spoke about the exhibition, and Charles Stinson spoke briefly of the history of PRS and its benefits for himself and other artists. 

Curator Robert Melton addressing the reception in the rooftop garden of the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, CA

Congratulations to the exhibiting artists: Claudette Bleijenberg, Catherine Bohrman, Catherine Daley, Tara Daly, Margaritte Elliot, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Maru Hoeber, Stan Huncilman, Marilyn Kuksht, Kristin Lindseth, Oleg Lobykin, Judy Miller, Jann Nunn, Jeff Owen, Mickey Quinn, Christopher Sawyer, Charles Stinson, & Oceana Rain Stuart. 


Works on the rooftop by Stan Huncilman and Eileen Fitz-Faulkner


Works in the rooftop garden exhibition by (L-R) Marilyn Kuksht and Marguerite Elliot

Exhibiting artists Catherine Daley, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Oleg Lobykin, and receptions guests at the Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, CA

And also congratulations and thank-you's to the PRS Exhibitions Committee members who helped produce the exhibition: Jann Nunn, Catherine Daley, Marguerite Elliot, Oleg Lobykin, Charles StinsonThe exhibition is open for viewing during work hours of the Commonwealth Club.


Barbara Berk's work appears in the 100th Anniversary Exhibition, a juried group exhibition celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA. The exhibition is an opportunity for artists of all levels to shine in a celebration of PAL's past and also of its future. Juror for the exhibition was George Rivera, artist and former Executive Director & Senior Curator of the Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA. The exhibition is from 11/5/2021 - 1/20/2022. See more information at this link

Barbara Berk, "Oskar Schlemmer's Dancer", 2019, 15"H x 30"W x 11"D, stainless steel; photo by Morgan Murphy

Barbara Berk, "Sea Currents", 2018, 15"H x 24"W x 18"D, phosphor bronze; photo by Morgan Murphy

Barbara also has works in the group exhibition Forge the Future, which celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco. A collaboration of the Metal Arts Guild, the Northern California Enamel Guild and ACCI Gallery, the exhibition features sculpture and jewelry of 42 member artists, and a special display of mid-century modernist jewelry by MAG founders including Margaret de Patta, merry renk, and Peter Macchiarini. The exhibition continues at ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA through 11/7/2021. See more information at this link

Barbara Berk, "Aigrette" (on left), 2019, 31"H x 21"W x 14"D, stainless steel; and

"A Pair of French Knots" (on the right), 2019, 34"H x 36"W x 6.5"D, phosphor bronze


Barry Beach has works in Weave, Bundle, Cut, and Layer: Artists with Material Instincts, a group exhibition juried by Lisa McCutcheon at Root Division Gallery, San Francisco, CA. The curatorial thread of this group exhibition unravels and binds together works that reveal a timely interest in utilizing and reviving objects otherwise left as waste. The twenty-one artists featured in this show engage in dedicated processes of re-purposing, re-building, and creating a personal visual language with non-traditional materials, like discarded fabric, rubber, screening, wood, shards of paper, plastic, smoke, bottle caps, cardboard, and string.

Each artwork in Weave, Bundle, Cut, and Layer uses a thoughtful materiality and process-centered style to build a narrative that fuses the history and humility of everyday materials, reveals their inherent beauty, and transforms them towards the sublime.

The exhibition opens 11/5/2021 and continues through 11/30/2021. See more information at this link

Barry Beach, "Accumulations #4", 2021, 25"H x 25"W x 31"D, reclaimed materials including

wood decking, wood trim, wood flooring, wood cabinets, PVC and kitchen countertops


Jan Blythe also has works in the exhibition Weave, Bundle, Cut and Layer: Artists with Material Instincts, at Root Division Gallery, San Francisco, CA. (See description above.)

Jan Blythe, Untitled, 2019, dimensions variable, deconstructed mop material and glue; detail view below


Natasha Dikareva's new series of clay and glass sculptures were presented in October by the Perseus Gallery at ArtExpo New York, the world's largest fine art fair. See more information at this link

Natasha Dikareva, "Washed Away", 2021, 21"H x 16"W x 10"D, stoneware, stains, glazes, glass

Natasha Dikareva, "Letting Out", 2020, 14"H x 10"W x 9"D, stoneware, stains, glazes, glass

Natasha Dikareva, "Certain About Uncertainty", 2020, 13"H x 11"W x 11"D, stoneware, stains, glazes, glass


Oleg Lobykin was one of three awarded artists in the Santa Clara Cultural Commission's Breaking Free Sculpture Exhibition earlier this year. Now, the Triton Museum of Art is showcasing the three award winning works by Oleg Lobykin, Jennifer Lay, and Elizabeth Jimenez Montelongo, from October 2 through November 28, 2021.  

You can find more information at this link, and can view a "Pocket Exhibition" video of the works in the Breaking Free Sculpture Exhibition at this link.

Oleg Lobykin, "Pixel", 13"H x 13"W x 13"D, chromium plated bronze; alternate & detail views below


Also seen in San Francisco was Oleg Lobykin's installation of sculpture at the St. Regis Hotel next door to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art:


Jacque Giuffre was commissioned to produce a bronze bas relief of founder Ellen Browning Scripps for the La Jolla Woman's Club, La Jolla, CA.

Jacqueline Giuffre, Ellen Browning Scripps, 12" x 8", bronze; photo by Dana Davis



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