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From the Editor


for February 1, 2022

At its annual elections meeting in January, the PRS Board of Directors unanimously voted to increase the number of Directors from 9 to 15, and voted in the following four new Directors:  

    • Marguerite Elliot, 
    • Charles Gadeken, 
    • Jane Ingram Allen,
    • Catherine Merrill.

The Board also re-elected the following Board Directors and officers:

    • Barry Beach, President,
    • Catherine Daley, Vice President,
    • Jeff Key, Secretary,
    • Eleas Kostis, Treasurer,
    • Jann Nunn,
    • Oleg Lobykin,
    • Eileen Fitz-Faulkner,

Congratulations & thank you to these outstanding volunteer leaders, whose impressive skills and experiential backgrounds will help PRS in its continuing development. This year the Board will recruit additional members to fill vacant positions -- might you be a good fit?

Change the world with your art!

-- PRS Newsletter Volunteers

. . . and more from the Editor

Dear PRS Members and Friends,

Note my name is not in the above list of Board Directors: After careful thought I decided not to run for re-election.

I am grateful for the past 10 years experience of being an officer and Board member. That started in 2012, when a career change afforded me time to accept leadership roles. I have helped PRS define and achieve goals of shifting from paper-mail to email; of developing a robust website and digital newsletter; of transitioning into a registered non-profit 501(c)3; and of becoming a Chapter of the International Sculpture Center. It has been a great experience and I've learned a lot.

But as I explained to our Board, a healthy organization cannot depend too much on any one person: it needs the strength of many with diverse backgrounds and skills.

Our Board has great depth and breadth of knowledge and experience, and wants to keep PRS’s future creative & bright.

They will fundraise to hire a part-time administrator, who will take on the tasks I have managed as a volunteer. I look forward to helping this person learn our membership management system and continue to develop our website, our newsletter, our Submittable interface, and more. 

As an artist from a non-arts background, I am immensely grateful for the experiences of my 20 years of PRS membership, and will continue to be available to the Board as a non-voting advisor, and as a member of some Board Committees. 

But at my age I now need to focus more on my own art -- and how I want it to change the world.

Best regards,

Charles H. Stinson


New Members

Susannah Israel, of Oakland, CA, creates abstracted, figurative, allegorical, narrative, political works of clay, ephemera, figurative, found objects. Her volunteer interests include hosting meetings in her area, plus communications and writing. She has served as Education Committee Chair of the Richmond Art Center Board of Directors; Art Department Chair for Contra Costa College, Laney College, and more. See her website:

Patti Kjonaas, of Albany, CA, uses clay, glass, light, video and water to create figurative sculptures and big planters, including 7' tall columns, with water, plants, and light. Her volunteer interest is Social Media. She taught ceramics at the Richmond Art Center from 1988 to 2001, and currently teaches in her studio in Albany, CA. See her website:

Clayton Moraga of Santa Clara, CA, creates abstract, bas relief, figurative works of mixed media, including concrete, ceramic, clay, fiber, found objects. He says his creations are “built up in layers. Each surface a coalesced idea that implies a changed interior: An invisible identity maturing through the artist’s hands.” His volunteer interest areas include Social Media, Promotion, Hosting meetings in his area, and Exhibition Planning. See his website:

Call-for-entry: Eco Sculpt

The Call-for-Entry for Eco Sculpt is now live, and submission deadline is 11:59 pm March 15, 2022

The exhibition, organized by the Pacific Rim Sculptors, will be at Radius Gallery in Santa Cruz, CA, which accommodates both indoor and outdoor works. Occurring in the springtime season of regrowth, and coinciding with Earth Day and International Sculpture Day, this environmentally themed exhibition promises high-visibility and promotion. 

The call is for works that relate to the environment and to the climate crisis. Submitted artworks should focus on environmental issues (e.g., climate change, plastic pollution, renewable energy, environmental justice, etc.) 

For example, artists may submit works that are environmentally process-focused (e.g., use renewable energy or reclaimed, repurposed, or up-cycled materials; or that interpret the theme via narrative, focusing on particular objects, individuals, or species of the earth.

The call-for-entry is open to all sculptors in and outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. Entry fee is $30 for current PRS members and $45 for non-members. (Non-members can join PRS at 

Please share this call with sculptor colleagues to make this an outstanding art happening!

PRS members enter with this link.

Non-members enter with this link. (Or non-members can join PRS at this link:

Exhibitions: Sculpture of the Pacific Rim

The PRS exhibition Sculpture of the Pacific Rim, curated by Robert Melton, has been extended at the Commonwealth Club. There is a possibility this may become a continuing, rotating exhibition. Watch for more news from the PRS Exhibitions Committee.

Member News: Susannah Israel

Susannah Israel, "Young Hatshepsut", 31”H x 17”W x 18”D, terracotta, engobe

Susannah Israel has works in the exhibition Tap Roots, concurrent with the 2022 NCECA conference in Sacramento, CA. In contemplating the Ceramic Educators of Northern California (NCECA) 2022 theme, "Fertile Ground", and the concept of the ceramic artists who have been nurturers of the Ceramics Movement as Faculty in Northern California Colleges and Universities, the term "Tap Roots" came to mind. Each Ceramic Artist in this exhibition is a strong Artist in their own right, and has impacted and influenced hundreds of Ceramic Students in California. Curated by Lisa Reinertson, the exhibition is at Benicia Arts and Epperson Gallery, Oakland, CA from 3/12/2022 through 4/10/2022. See:

Susannah Israel, "Quinceañera", 2019, 47”H x 26”W x 14”D, terracotta, engobe

Susannah Israel, "Diva", 2021, 34”H x 16”W x 16”D, terracotta, engobe

Member News: Paul Reiber

Paul Reiber "Judy", 2021, 10”H x 7”W x 7”D, Cuban mahogany

Paul Reiber has a piece in the NSS California Show, an exhibition of works by California members of the National Sculpture Society at the Bonita Museum, Bonita, CA, juried by Richard Becker, Nilda Comas and Wendy Wilson, Museum Director. The exhibition continues through 3/19/2022. See:

Member News: Zahava Sherez

Zahava Sherez, InBodied Light project. Photograph by Carlos Diaz Corona, Guadalajara, MX;

Arranged by Micheal Swank, Mexico City, MX

Zahava Sherez has a magazine article about her and her works in Art Report Today (issue 12/15/2021). The article introduces Zahava as a contemporary artist, visionary, and activist. See:

Zahava Sherez, “Being 8”, from the InBodied Light series. Photograph by Carlos Diaz Corona, Guadalajara, MX

Zahava also has works in the exhibition Breaking Through: The Rise of American Women Artists at the Customs House Museum, Clarksville, TN. The exhibition comprises 124 works by 26 Associate, 32 Associate with Distinction, 40 Signature, and 26 Master Signature members of the American Women Artists Association. One of the jurors, Marianne Wardle, PhD. stated: "It was a privilege to be invited as a juror for the American Women Artists exhibition and to see the contributions of so many accomplished and proficient artists. I hope that the exhibition will demonstrate the wide range of production and high technical skill of female artists and encourage more women to pursue their talents and passions.” The exhibition runs from 3/5/2022 through 5/29/2022. See:

Zahava Sherez, “Being 3” (detail), InBodied Light series, 2019, 20”H x 3”W, resin, pigments, mixed media. 

Photograph by Carlos Diaz Corona, Guadlajara, MX

Zahava also has works in Migration, an art exhibit focusing on migration as a human phenomenon, to appear in The Book of Arts: Migration online publication in Spring 2022, and online in Gallerium Art through 3/2/2022

Zahava Sherez, “Refugees Have no Age”, from the I Am So Many series, 2015, 13”H x 13”W x 11”D, clay and mixed media.

Photograph by Phil Cohen, Oakland, CA

Member News: Stephanie Metz

Stephanie Metz, “Hanging Pod 'Soft Serve’”, 2019, 48”H x 29”W x 28”D, wool, industrial felt, polyfiber, polyurethane rubber, steel cable.

Stephanie Metz has works in the exhibition Fabulous Fiber, at bG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, which brings together artists working in various materials falling under the banner of Fiber Arts. Whether woven, quilted, embroidered or felted, the works of art vary from 3 dimensional sculptures to large and small scale wall pieces to wearable art. Rampant with texture and color, these age-old techniques give way to a new life as contemporary artworks. 

The exhibition, curated by Kate Stern, will feature large-scale, hanging sculptures by PRS Artist Stephanie Metz as well as works by Cassie Arnold, Charlotte Bird, Serena Brooks, Han Cho, Cudra Clover, Orly Cogan, Shelby Drabman, Sevarine Gallardo, Linda Gass, Kathy Halper, Merrill Morrison, Michael Rohde, Bonnie Jo Smith, Kat Sanchez Standfield, and Elise Vazelakis. The exhibition runs from 2/12/2022 through 3/14/2022. See:

Stephanie Metz also has a website publication, Sculptural Needle Felting:  The Comprehensive Guide with Stephanie Metz. Published in Teachable, this is a new online masterclass on sculptural needle felting by Stephanie Metz. In this technique-based workshop the artist presents direct, clear, knowledgeable information and examples that will teach the skills to create ones own felting projects. This online video workshop provides 11 hours of well-organized, subtitled video content in the main workshop, plus 13 additional hours of ‘Special Projects’ that share the artist's-eye view of creating 6 sculptures. See:

Member News: Jane Ingram Allen

Jane Ingram Allen, “In Deep Water” (full installation with 12 panels), 2022, 

"In Deep Water" is a collaborative art project by two Northern California artists, printmaker Jami Taback and papermaker and PRS member Jane Ingram Allen. The project is focused on  the fact that we are “in deep water” with our current climate crisis and shortages of water, the most essential requirement for life. While raising the alarm about water issues and a world in crisis, the exhibition also projects hope for a future using sustainable methods and materials. The collaborative artwork makes use of several printmaking and hand paper-making processes to create a multi-part, modular, large-scale installation and smaller individual works that draw attention to this immense and pressing local and world-wide problem. The hand paper-making was done in Jane’s studio, and the printmaking was done in Jami’s studio with a back-and-forth process integrating the hand paper-making and the print-making for the project. The artwork is primarily in a color scheme referencing water, using many shades of blue with accents of red-orange representing fire, plus black and gray referencing smoke and ash. The artwork produced during this collaborative project makes use of each artist’s area of expertise and takes advantage of unexpected happenings in this artistic dialogue. The exhibition is at the Sonoma Community Center, Gallery 212, Sonoma, CA, and continues through 2/23/2022.See:

Jane Ingram Allen, “In Deep Water” (detail, with artist), 2022, 16’H x 24’W x 8’D, installation of handmade paper with printmaking, thread.

Photograph by Timothy S. Allen

Jane Ingram Allen, “In Deep Water” (Installation view, with artist), 2022, 16’H x 24’W x 8’D, installation of handmade paper with printmaking, thread. 

Photograph by Timothy S. Allen

Jane Ingram Allen and Jami Taback received an Emergency Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts to support the exhibition of their collaborative installation "In Deep Water" at Sonoma Community Center Gallery 212, from January 15 to Feb. 23, 2022.  The Foundation for Contemporary Arts supports innovative contemporary art, and artists with unexpected opportunities are eligible to apply for Emergency Grants from this NYC foundation, which was started in 1963 by artists for artists.

Member News: Mary Curtis Ratcliff

Mary Curtis Ratcliff, “Chandeliers”, 2021, 40”H x 50”W x 1.5”D, acrylic, collage on digital inkjet print mounted on wooden panel. Photograph by Dana Davis

Mary Curtis Ratcliff has a solo exhibition "Encounters with Water and Light", which continues her exploration of light's impact on the surfaces of the living world. Her series of large works is comprised of hand colored transfers and photographic mixed media imagery on panels. When traveling to distant locations or observing the natural forms and structures of the Bay Area, Ratcliff looks for abstraction created through the effects of water, light, shadow, and reflection. She combines disparate images to compose artworks that convey a sense of peace and mysterious complexity. The exhibition is at 500 Terry Francois Boulevard Gallery, San Francisco, CA, and continues through 3/19/2022.

Mary Curtis Ratcliff, “Waterweb”, 2008, 40”H x 28.5”W x 2”D, pigmented inkjet print, image transfer, colored pencil, graphite on wooden panel.

Photograph by Dana Davis



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