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PRS NEWS -- March 2024

From the President

Happy Almost-Spring Everyone

A big congratulations to all the members participating in the two wonderful PRS exhibitions currently at the Museum of Sonoma County and the Santa Cruz Art League. Huge thank yous to members and volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure the exhibitions took place, in particular Catherine Daley and Lynne Todaro.

We need your help! We are loosing three board members, and we want to continue to fill the board with PRS members. No specific experience necessary - though we welcome in particular members with experience in working on another board, accounting, exhibitions, and/or PR/marketing/communications. Please reach out to me to discuss -

We also need members help producing our newsletter. The current monthly production schedule may not be able to be maintained if more members can’t pitch in and help.

Hope to see you in the galleries or studio soon-

Barry Beach

President, PRS Board of Trustees

Reminders to PRS members: 



If you are interested in supporting our efforts, please join us for our monthly meeting and see how you can help PRS move our mission forward through exhibitions. Email us at for more information.


We need more volunteers are also needed to help with the monthly newsletter, and other communications needs. If you have experience or desire to support in any of these efforts please contact us at


We need your support! Volunteer on the Events Committee and help us connect our PRS community to each other again after years of separation during COVID. We need assistance setting up field trips, meet ups, studio visits and more! Send us an email



The opening reception of "A Question of Balance" at the Museum of Sonoma County (MSC) at the end of last month was more than anything we could have asked for. At one point, there so many attendees that you could hardly see the art in the museum! A big thank you to the Exhibitions Committee for coordinating this amazing exhibition, participating artists for making the show so diverse and everyone who came to show support. we appreciate all of you!

In case you missed the reception the museum will be releasing a number of dates released for events including artist talks, and even sculpture demos on International Sculpture Day!

Info about the exhibition: “A Question of Balance: Selected Works from Pacific Rim Sculptors.” Artworks for the exhibition were selected by jurors Jeff Nathanson (MSC) and Kate Eilertsen (Di Rosa Center for Contemporary Art). Artists used their own interpretations in materials, techniques, subject matter, or a combination of concepts to address the theme of balance. The resulting exhibition features 45 sculptors representing a diverse range of approaches, techniques, and materials. Included are sculptural works in metal, wood, stone, mixed media, and installation in sizes ranging from nine inches to over 12 feet in height!

Join us for the Second Saturday Artist Talks

  • Saturday, April 13th with John Pashilk, Barbara M. Berk, Ruth Santee
  • Saturday, May 11th with Moto Ohtake, Vickie Jo Sowell, Priyanka Rana

Exhibition dates: January 27- May 26, 2024

Location: Museum of Sonoma County - 425 7th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 

Congratulations to the participating artists!

Don Ajello, Richard Alpert, Susan Amorde, Jerry Barrish, Barry Beach, Barbara M. Berk, Jan Blythe, Nancy Brown, Jay Capela, Cheryl Coon, Sena Clara Creston, Catherine Daley, Lynn Dau, Rene Dayan Whitehead, Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Rebecca Fox, Sheila Ghidini, Annette Goodfriend, Jane Grimm, Briona Hendren, Stan Huncilman, Rachel Karklin, Peter Keresztury, Jeff Key, Kathleen King, Terry Kreiter, Magels Landet, Oleg Lobykin, Jann Nunn, Moto Ohtake, Ucki Ood, Jeff Owen, Renee Owen, John Pashilk, Priyanka Rana, Ruth Santee, Rose Sellery, Vickie Jo S0well, Charles Splady, Richard Starks, Kline Swonger, Leitha Thrall, Laura Van Duren, Mary White, and Alexander Yoshikawa

Here are a few photos from the Saturday March 9th Artist Talks with Jeff Key, Renee Owen and Kathleen King:

Jeff Key - artist talk at the Museum of Sonoma County, photo by Briona Hendren

Renee Owen - artist talk at the Museum of Sonoma County, photo by Briona Hendren

Kathleen King - artist talk at the Museum of Sonoma County, photo by Briona Hendren


Richard Alpert, Barry Beach, Jeff Key, JAN BLYTHE, & JERRY ROSS BARRISH

PRS members Richard Alpert, Barry Beach, Jeff Key, Jan Blythe and Jerry Ross Barrish are showing together in the exhibition entitled In Flux: Recalibrating The Unknown at the Museum of Northern California Art. This is an exhibition of 170+ SFAI artists, curated by Jeremy P. H. Morgan. The exhibition showcases individual and collaborative works that explore the unknown, including the video Earshot by PRS member Richard H. Alpert.

This show runs from March 21 to May 12, 2024, at MONCA, with an opening reception on March 22, 5:00 - 8:00 PM. 

Location: Museum of Northern California Art -  900 Esplanade, Chico, CA 95926

For more information:

Richard Alpert, Ear Shot

Jeff Key, Vessel 56- Release

Barry Beach, Jane Grimm, & Jan Blythe

PRS members Barry Beach, Jane Grimm, and Jan Blythe are exhibiting together at the Sausalito Center for the Arts in the exhibition Bay Area Arts and Crafts. This juried group exhibition, curated by Shiva Pakel, features levels of skill, craftsmanship, materials, techniques, and creativity in making these unique objects from the Bay Area. This exhibition on view from February 15 to March 15, 2024. Catch it before it closes!

Location: Sausalito Center for the Arts - 750 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 94965

For more information:

Jane Grimm, Rondo VII

Jane Grimm, Rondo II

Barry Beach, Accumulations Number 1

Barbara Berk,  Jeff Key, & Jonathan Livingston

PRS members Barbara Berk,  Jeff Key, and Jonathan Livingston were selected to participate in a juried exhibition at the Marin Society of Artists Gallery. Sculpture and Assemblage - An Exploration is a selection of significant 3-D works by three dozen established and emerging sculptors based in the SF Bay Area and beyond. Juried by SF Bay area and nationally recognized abstract metal sculptor Jeff Owen, it's a show not to miss! Runs March 7, 2024 through March 30, 2024, open Thursdays - Sundays.

For more information:

The opening reception is on Friday, March 8, 5 pm to 8 pm. 

Location: Marin Society of Artists Gallery, 1515 3rd St, San Rafael, CA

Barbara M. Berk, Interiors

J Livingston, Spyre 

Jeff Key, Vessel 91- Scherzo

Cheryl Coon & Jann Nunn

Cheryl Coon and Jann Nunn are among 7 women artists selected for the exhibition Singing to the Difference: An Examination of Surface Strategies at the LH Horton Gallery San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton CA. Curated by Ruth Santee and TaVee Lee this exhibition was brought together for Women's History month, not to focus on women’s “issues” but rather the making and display of non-objective art and its formal qualities. 

A note from Curator Ruth Santee:

“Texture enriches a surface. It engages our sense of touch and tactile exploration. We are drawn to it as an important component of learning. Texture in art cannot always be physically experienced. The viewer must explore the art surface with their imagination. Whether the artist has created real tangible texture or simply the illusion of texture, it all contributes to the emotional impact of the viewer.”

Exhibiting artists: Cheryl Coon, Leah Korican, Lori Murphy, Jann Nunn, Celena Peet, and Adero Willard.

Dates: March 7th - April 5th

For more information:

Cheryl Coon, White Diatom

JAne ingram allen

PRS Member Jane Ingram Allen and collaborating artist Jami Taback have received the 2nd Place 2024 Creative Arts Award from the San Francisco Estuary Partnership for their art installation "In Deep Water" that is about climate change and water. The Award will be presented to the artists on March 13 at the 2024 Conference on the State of the S. F. Estuary at Kaiser Center, Oakland, CA. The "In Deep Water" installation incorporating handmade paper and printmaking is now on display at Live Forever Foundation Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan, and has been shown in San Francisco, Pt. Reyes Station and Sonoma, California, in 2022 and 2023.

Jane Ingram Allen, In Deep Water, installation view from Live Forever Foundation, Taiwan

Jane Ingram Allen, In Deep Water

Jane Ingram Allen, In Deep Water, installation view at GRO

Cheryl Coon

Cheryl Coon is in the exhibition Materiality curated by Beverly Rayner at the Cabrillo Gallery, Cabrillo College Aptos, CA.  The three artists, Cheryl Coon, Ben Hunt, and Robert Ortbalin this exhibition all use unusual materials, or work with materials in unusual ways. This shows runs from March 11 - April 12, 2024Reception & Artist Talk for the show will be held on Saturday, April 13, from 2-5p

For more information:

Cheryl Coon, Symbiosis (detail) 


Oracle is presented at the Art Kiosk in Redwood City, March 2-April 14 2024. The installation is constructed of reconfigured wood chairs and a wall drawing of their cast shadows and negative spaces. This abstract arrangement of forms, lines, shapes and spaces plays with the interaction of what’s real and what is illusionary in a small temple-like structure on Court House Square, Redwood City.

For more information:

Sheila Ghidini, Oracle

Sheila Ghidini, Oracle (wall drawing)

Sheila Ghidini, Sentry

Jane Grimm

Jane Grimm is a part of the exhibition Women Artists Show, a group show of women artists at the Live Worms Gallery in San Francisco. The Exhibition is on view until March 16, 2024. Catch the show while you can!

For more information:

Location: Live Worms Gallery, 1345 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA

Dates: February 24th - March 16th

Jane Grimm, Razz Ma Tazz XI

Jane Grimm, Razz Ma Tazz XIV

Jane Grimm, Razz Ma Tazz XVI

Additionally, Jane Grimm is exhibiting in Women Rising 2024, curated by Renee De Carlo. This show is the third group exhibition of art by over 100 artists female-identifying and non-binary. The exhibition is on view at the Drawing Room Valencia in San Francisco thru March 24,2024.

For more information:

Location: Drawing Room Valencia 599 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA

Jane Grimm, Be Bop

Jane Grimm, Razz XX

Jane Grimm, Ode C

Catherine Daley & Magels Landet

A photo of artwork "Ripple" by Catherine Daley that is in the exhibition "A Question of Balance" was featured in an an article Pacific Rim Sculptors Presenting "A Question of Balance" at the Museum of Sonoma County on Monday, February 19, 2024. The body of the article includes "Metamorphosis" by Magels Landet, as well as listing all the participants names in the description of the exhibition. The Art Daily is an award-winning international news organization that covers art related news and feature stories from every corner of the globe on the net. It has over 24,00 daily readers, and 36,000 subscribers world-wide.

For more information:

Screenshot from Art Daily website

Screenshot of Magel Landet's sculpture Metamorphosis

Jerry Barrish

 A solo show of Jerry Barrish work is on display in San Francisco. Plastic and Bronze, curated by Alida J. Bray, is an exhibition that highlights Jerry's work in plastics and bronze spanning from 1989 to his most recent 2024 work. To visit head to 33 Bartlett Street, San Francisco, CA.

For more information:

Jerry Barrish, Magic Flute, 2023

Plastic & Bronze Flyer

Tom Krempa

Tom Krempa was invited to write an article about his work in the Encaustic Arts Magazine Winter Issue, published on Dec 1st 2023. He was awarded a 20-page spread to share about his artist journey in encaustic in art and sculpture from age 11 to present day including several photos of his work.

For more information and to download the article:

Tom Krempa, Fish Out of Water

Tom Krempa, Crimson Sails

Encaustic Magazine announcement

Joseph Slusky

Joseph Slusky is in an ongoing sculpture and painting exhibition in lively downtown San Francisco Cafe Dialogs between recent sculptures and paintings entitled Joseph Slusky, Java and Jive. Located at Sweet Joanna's Cafe in San Francisco.

Location: Sweet Joanna's Cafe,101 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA

Hours: 7:00am to 3pm, Monday through Friday

Joseph Slusky, Jakarta

Joseph Slusky, Umbria B

Barry Beach 

Barry Beach is in a juried group show curated by Stan Gibbs entitled Studio Artists of Art Works Downtown on display at Gallery Route One in Point Reyes, CAExhibition on view February 17 to Sunday, March 17, 2024. Visit soon before the show closes!

Location: Gallery Route One, 11101 Highway One, Ste. 1101, Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

For more information:

Barry Beach, From the Accumulations and Excavations series, High and Dry, reclaimed wood

Barry Beach, From the Accumulations and Excavations series, reclaimed wood

Marguerite Elliot

Marguerite Elliot is in the group show entitled Behind The Mask: The Art Of Women Who Weld at the Culture Lab in New York. Curated by Karen Dimit and Janet Rutkowski, this exhibition showcases the art of women artists who weld and work in metal. It is a misconception that there are few women working in metal in the arts. Throughout our history there have been many now-famous women who have made great strides in metalwork including: Barbara Hepworth, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Louise Bourgeois, Alice Aycock, etc. If you are in the New York area this spring be sure to make a trip to Long Island City in Queens!

For more information:

Location: Culture Lab LIC, 5-25 46th Ave, Queens, NY

Exhibition Dates: March 07, 2024 - May 28, 2024 

Marguerite Elliot, Sacred Scars



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