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From the Editor

The end of Summer draws near:  Enjoy the warm, long days while they last, and prepare for Fall. 

    • The Second Sunday Spotlight for July visited the Novato home of Peter Keresztury, with an array of his kinetic sculptures; see images below. 
    • The Second Sunday Spotlight for August will visit the Museum of Sonoma County, where host Catherine Daley is one of 14 artists in a group exhibition, plus a visit to the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, where Catherine, Kati Casida, and Jann Nunn have sculptures on exhibition; see details below.  Register to attend at this link.
    • It's not too late to register for this Fall's ISC Conference: The Multifaceted Maker in Portland, Oregon!  (Read about the ISC conference at 
    • Please note a change in plans (see below) for the August Second Sunday Spotlight! 

Now let's change the world for better through our art!

Best regards,

PRS Newsletter Staff


Marin County:

Peter Keresztury seeks Pacific Rim Sculptors to exhibit their works at the October 18-20, 2019 Bioneers 30th annual conference at the Marin Center in San Rafael (see 

Several thousand social, environmental, and scientific innovators will attend to discuss solutions inspired by nature and human ingenuity. 

Artists will install their sculptures Thursday, October 17, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, and de-install on Sunday, October 20, after 6:00 PM. Security is on-site 24-hours, but artists need to insure their own works, if desired. Large sculptures are preferred. Artworks will be displayed outdoors in one area of the fairgrounds. Artists need to supply their own pedestals. 

Each exhibiting sculptor will receive 2 free tickets to the conference, plus a payment for participation.

Peter will work with the Bioneers to allow PRS a table and chairs to provide information and to handle all sales, of which the artists will receive 100%. Two PRS participant volunteers need to be available at the table on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; some payment may be possible. 

Interested?  Send Peter photographs of some of your sculptures as soon as possible; include titles, dates, prices, & brief descriptions. Peter's email is


The PRS Events Committee (Leith Thrall, chair; Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, co-chair) schedules studio visits and similar activities, rotating among PRS's several areas. Email for more information or to schedule a visit to your studio! 


Thank you to Peter Keresztury for hosting the July PRS Second Sunday Spotlight, attended by PRS members and guests.  Below are PRS members in Novato with Peter and his kinetic wind sculptures and constructed metal cactus sculptures.


Peter's wind-driven kinetic sculptural works are a dazzling sight!  

NEXT SPOTLIGHT:  Catherine Daley at Museum of Sonoma County August 11, 2019

Quercus Illuminosa, by Catherine DaleyCatherine Daley hosts our next PRS Second Sunday Spotlight at the Museum of Sonoma County (MSC), where she has pieces in a group exhibition of 14 artists (image right: Quercus Illuminosa, by Catherine Daley). We will meet at the museum on Sunday August 11 from 2-4 PM. There is plenty of free parking around the museum on Sundays. This will be the last day of the Kinetics: Art in Motion show, a fascinating exhibition that should not be missed! The various artworks are variously set in motion by ambient air currents, gravity, light, mechanical motors, electrical power, and human contact. The museum is located at 425 Seventh Street in Santa Rosa, CA 95401. Find more information about MSC at

PLEASE NOTE A CHANGE IN PLANS: Due to museum policies there will be NO POTLUCK; please plan to eat lunch before attending.

Registration is requested and can be done at this link. 

Catherine also invites attendees to travel at 4 PM to the outdoor sculpture garden of the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts (LBC), located just a few exits north of the MSC in Santa Rosa, where PRS members Kati CasidaCatherine Daley and Jann Nunn have sculptures in the three-woman exhibition Harmonies, which opened September 2018 and continues through September 2020.  Find more information about LBC at  The LBC closes at 6 PM. We look forward to seeing the works and gathering with all of you!

Image below left: Confluence by Catherine Daley; image below right: sculpture by Mark Malmberg; both at Museum of Sonoma County.


Image below left: sculpture by Jann Nunn; image below right: sculpture by Kati Casida; both at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.


Volunteer to host a PRS Second Sunday Spotlight or find out more by sending an email to  Event Committee co-chairs Eileen Fitz-Faulkner and Leitha Thrall will be happy to talk with you.  


Jeff Key’s sculpture "Vessel #40—Fusion" (image below) was selected for exhibition in Art + Movement, a group exhibition juried by Maria Porges at GearBox Gallery in Oakland, California. The show questions how art made in our current divisive state of cultural, political, and religious points of view will be regarded historically. Art + Movement opens August 15 and runs until September 7, 2019, with the opening reception and Juror’s Talk on Saturday August 17th.  Art + Movement opens August 15 and continues until September 7, 2019, with the opening reception and Juror’s Talk on Saturday August 17th.  Read more at 

Ann Belden will have works (3 images below) in the Sanchez Art Center's 11th annual 50/50 Show fundraiser. Sixty artists are each invited to create fifty 6" x 6" pieces each with a chosen theme and media. The works are priced from $50-$175 each, with sales benefiting the Sanchez Art Center. Ann’s theme for the show is Apotropaic Things. Juried by Catharine Clark of San Francisco's Catharine Clark gallery, the show opens August 30, 2019 and runs through September 22, 2019. Read more at

Image below: "Petitioning the Saints", by Ann Belden.

Image below left: "Bone X", below right "Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign", both by Ann Belden.


Ellen Coffey recently had a solo exhibition Bas Reliefs and Totems. The private exhibition, curated by Demetira Verducci, included works done by Ellen in her residency at La Macina di San Cresci in Greve, Italy. The exhibit ran from June 19, 2019 through June 30. For more information see:  More of Ellen’s work can be seen in the national juried exhibit, Clay and Glass Redux, at the Healdsburg Center for the Arts. The exhibit opened on July 20, 2019 and continues through August 25, 2019. Read more at

Three images below: Fired ceramic works by Ellen Coffey


Marguerite Elliot’s kinetic sculpture "Salem Sentinel, Eco-Warrior Goddess" (image right, and detail image below, both photos by Dan Crowther) was selected for installation at Cary Hill Sculpture Park in Salem, New York. Marguerite created the 12-foot tall steel sculpture during her residency at the Salem Art Works. The piece is welded steel, forged steel, and gold leaf. Read more at this link

Joseph Slusky's sculptures (image below left) and paintings by Katie Hawkinson (image below right) are in the exhibition Dreaming in Color, in the McRoskey Mattress showroom, San Rafael, CA. The show opened on June 4, 2019 and continues to September 4, 2019. The exhibition will be featured in the 2nd Friday Art Walk August 9 from 5-8 PM.



Also, Joseph Slusky’s "Painted Metal Cut-Outs" (images below) can be seen at 505 Montgomery Street, San Francisco from August 1 through October 2019. 


Ruth Tabancay’s works are in Beyond the Warp and Weft: The Enduring Legacy of the Bauhaus at Ruth’s Table in San Francisco. The group exhibition, juried by Hanna Regev, opened July 11, 2019 and continues through August 30, 2019. The exhibition celebrates the 100 year anniversary of the Bauhaus and explores the impact of Bauhaus ideals on contemporary textiles. The emphasis is on diversity of working processes and innovative uses of materials. The selection of works includesweaving, textile, sound, science, sculpture, and site-specific installations. Three of Ruth's Jacquard weavings are included. Read more at

Three images below, top to bottom, left to right: "Purl 322X", "Supplemental 322X", and "Knit 322X" by Ruth Tabancay; photos by John Wilson White.


Ruth also has works in her solo exhibition, Geometricity 3.0, at Mercury 20 Gallery in Oakland, CA. Ruth’s works are based on Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry. Also included is Ruth's "120°", an installation of colorful cast sugar tiles. Note that Ruth will continue to work on the installation on-site on August 1, 2, 3, 8, & 9, 2019, from 2-5 PM each day, and invites viewers to come and observe. Other included works by Ruth are crocheted sculptures based on hyperbolic geometry, hand stitched 3-dimensional works based on the square and square variations, and hand stitched tea bags. The show opens with a reception on August 1, 2019 and continues through September 7, 2019. An artist reception is scheduled for Saturday August 10, 4-6 pm with an Artist Talk at 4:30 pm.  Read more at  

Image below left: "120 degrees", by Ruth Tabancay, cast sugar, installation detail; Image below right: "What's In You and On You", embroidery & petri dish, detail view.


Peter Keresztuiry's pin-up photographs, “I’m So Beautiful” and “Love My Legs”, (images right) were accepted for display at the Marin County Fair in San Rafael that took place during the July 4th weekend.  

Oleg Lobykin's works came to the attention of Juror Brigitte Micmacker through the 2018 PRS exhibition Sculpture Now at Peninsula Museum of Art, and he now has representation of his works at SculptureSite Gallery

Jann Nunn's sculpture "!" (image left; pronounced 'exclamation point') is on display for the 2019-2021 Napa Art Walk. Jann describes the 9.5' x 4' x 2' stainless steel, powder-coated sculpture as "an enthusiastic, perhaps a tad tipsy, larger-than-life exclamation point [made] out of 1200 slightly curved ¼” welded stainless steel rods. Its shimmering deep red surface invites viewers to contemplate a full-bodied red wine poured and swirling in its glass."  Jann began a series of exclamation point sculptures several years ago as a humorous critique. She continues:  "The ubiquitous exclamation point, once regarded as superfluous, is now almost required when communicating electronically. At this scale, “!” exclaims itself as a monolith to its own emphatic grandeur."

Nick Dong has works in the solo exhibition Mendsmith Project at Mercury Twenty Gallery, Oakland, CA, from August 1 through September 7, 2019. Nick's exhibition includes an on-going heartfelt, interactive project of forging elements of jewelry that represent loss into eternal representations of love. See .

Charles Stinson has sixteen works in the exhibition FourSquared All-Stars at Arc Studios & Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Curated by Michael Yochum, the invitational exhibition features sixteen artists. Charles's series, called Wall Devices, reflects our times as politics, salesmanship, and foreign powers redefine “Facts” to include divisive opinions and outright lies. Each piece has a small "wall" symbolizing that friends and family members can no longer discuss important differences of opinions:  Despite sharing the same words & grammar, they now speak entirely different languages. Opening reception is 7-9 PM Saturday August 24; the exhibition continues through September 28, when a closing reception includes artists' talks.

Image below: “Device (neo-Victorian) for looking over the wall”, mixed media, by Charles Stinson


Patricia Bengston Jones (1932 - 2019)

On June 25, 2019, PRS member Patricia Bengtson Jones departed this life, most likely to search for new cosmic rocks to carve. A wonderfully warm, supportive, and dedicated sculptor, she will be dearly missed.  

Patricia was born August 5, 1932 in Janesville, Wisconsin. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Painting from San Jose State University in 1977, and a Master of Arts in Sculpture from San Jose State University in 1983. She served in many positions, including:  Curator at Yucca Gallery and New Mexico Art League, both of Albuquerque, NM, and also for Peninsula Art Association, San Mateo, California; Assistant Installer at The de Young Museum, San Francisco; Restorer at the Santa Clara Artist's Foundry; Marble consultant for Leitch & Company, San Francisco; Instructor at Studio Carlos Nicoli, Carrara, Italy; as well as restoration consultant and subcontractor for multiple workshops and sculptures. 

She was a member of the International Sculptors Center, a co-founder and member of the Pacific Rim Sculptors Group (serving as chairman in 2006), a member of the Nordic Fine Arts Group (chairman and curator, 1994-2010); a member of the Fine Arts Museum San Francisco, the Sculptors Guild of San Jose, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, San Jose, CA, and the California Stone Sculptors. 

Her works appeared in a large number of exhibitions nation-wide, plus solo exhibitions and site-specific stone and earthwork installations in California, Italy, Austria, and Mexico. She was a recipient of the John Cavanaugh Memorial Award from the North America Sculpture Exhibition, Golden, Colorado, 1985, and received coverage in multiple publications and reviews nation-wide. Her works are in many collections in California, Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Washington, DC, and  Wisconsin. Over her career she had representation by galleries in California, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, and also in Austria.  

See Patricia’s impressive CV on the International Sculpture Center website.    

In honor of her dedication to our cause, the PRS Board of Directors voted to honor Patricia with a Memorial Membership in Pacific Rim Sculptors.



Barbara Chesnut of San Francisco, CA, trained at Antioch College. She creates figurative and biomorphic sculptures from stone and natural materials. She was a Stone Carving Instructor for the California Sculptors Symposium in both 2018 and 2019. She expresses volunteer interest in exhibition planning. Check out her website at

Jack Sewell of Eureka in Humboldt County, CA, creates life-sized human figurative sculptures and some abstract sculptures in steel, stainless steel, wood, and concrete. He expresses volunteer interest in hosting meetings of sculptors in his area. 

Invite your sculptor colleagues to join and get one month free membership for each new member you recruit (cannot previously have been a member). Just ask the new member to mention your name while filling out the "How did you hear about us?" blank in the application form.  


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