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July 1, 2021

June's Second Sunday Spotlight featured Barry Beach; the upcoming event for July is an in-person visit to the studio of Cheryl Coons

Installation of the Sculpture of the Pacific Rim exhibition begins soon at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. On July 8, 2021 Marguerite Elliot, Jann Nunn, & Charles Stinson will give artists' talks about their works.

Welcome new members!

  • Renee Owen of Sebastopol, CA, follows an eco-sustainable fiber & book art practice to create sculptures that incorporate organic materials & forms with a wabi sabi aesthetic. She intends her art to convey a nuanced awareness of impermanence & fragility of both our planet and our connections with one another. Visit Renee's website at
  • Kim Smith of Benicia, CA, creates abstract works of wax, wood, & bronze that focus on the interactions of shapes & figures, often with a surreal aspect, such as absence of expected parts.
  • Sheila Ghidini of San Francisco, CA, teaches drawing at UC Berkeley Extensions; she works with found furniture as a material, disassembling it and rebuilding it into new forms, often with references to location. Visit Sheila's website at

The always popular Ruth Bancroft 27th Annual Sculpture in the Garden exhibition features works by eight PRS artist Joe Bologna, Catherine Daley, Marguerite Elliot, Stan Huncilman, Jeff Key, Judy Bolef Miller, Jeff Owen (see images below), & Emil Yanos

Enjoy the your Summer, & don't forget:  Change the world with your art!

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Jann Nunn & Catherine Daley, PRS Exhibitions Committee Co-chairs

Sculpture of the Pacific Rim 

Curated by Robert Melton, the exhibition was originally planned for physical exhibition in the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, then converted to an online exhibition (view Virtual Exhibition here) because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now as vaccines allow gatherings, the exhibition will soon be physically installed. 

On July 8, 2021 exhibiting artists Marguerite Elliot, Jann Nunn, & Charles Stinson will give artists' talks about their works (images below).

Marguerite Elliot, "Earth Sentinel", 2018,

124"H x 40"W x 16", steel, paint wire

Jann Nunn, "Arc of the Atlas", 2013,

116"H x 17"W x 26"D,

archival microprint paper, bronze, stainless steel

Charles Stinson, "Ife Buddha", 2004,

19"H x 17"W x 14"D, cast bronze

Included are works by these artists (in alphabetical order):  Claudette Bleijenberg, Catherine Bohrman, Catherine Daley, Tara Daly, Margaritte Elliot (image above), Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, Maru Hoeber, Stan Huncilman, Marilyn Kuksht, Kristin Lindseth, Oleg Lobykin, Judy Miller, Jann Nunn (image above), Jeff Owen, Mickey Quinn, Christopher Sawyer, Charles Stinson (image above), & Oceana Rain Stuart.


Eileen Fitz-Faulkner & Catherine Daley, PRS Events Committee Co-chairs --


June 13, 2021

Barry Beach

The June 13, 2021, PRS Event Spotlight was on Barry Beach, who says he works “hand in hand with chaos” as he creates pieces that layer & physically connect a wide range of discarded materials: he recycles scraps of old wood, paper, magazines, material samples, & even repurposes materials from his prior installations. 

Barry Beach

Barry Beach

Barry Beach

Some of his works (image below) also made sounds as water flowed through metal or plastic drain pipes. Other pieces used perforated  irrigation pipes that seeped walnut-stained water onto paper, resulting in unique & unpredictable designs. 

Barry Beach

On moving from Portland, Oregon, Barry found new inspiration in the hills & mountains of California, which led to topographic explorations of hill-like, pyramidal, & truncated cone forms shaped from wrapping materials, electric tape, masking tape, or felt over foam or wood.

Barry Beach

Barry Beach

More recently he has shaped large truncated cone forms of wood, roughly carving them & leaving the interiors hollow.  He has shaped other pieces from nautical rope, laminated paper, & more.

Barry Beach

One of his pieces was exhibited as a projection onto a building in Times Square, NYC.

Barry Beach

Check out more of Barry's works on his website,


Visit the Studio of CHERYL COONS

3:00 PM Sunday July 11, 2021

(This will be an in-person, live event)

Works by Cheryl Coons

Works in the studio of Cheryl Coons

Cheryl Coons is interested in the infinite variations of natural geometry seen in biological forms. Her recent installations explore theorems of microscopic organisms such as diatoms, plankton, protozoa, viruses and bacteria. 

NOTE:  This will be a live event at Cheryl's studio. Registration is required. The event will be video recorded for later viewing by remote members, but it will not be a hybrid Zoom + Real Life event. Please bring food & beverage for a festive reopening of our first post-pandemic in-person event.



Tara K. Daly “Shadowbaskets / there is no 'away'",

2021, 96”H x 60"W x 60”D, 

insulated coaxial cable, electrical cords,

telephone wire, various connectors

Tara K. Daly “Green Man", 2021,

18”H x 10"W x 12”D, ceramic, steel, aluminum leaf

Tara K. Daly

“The Holocene is over (Dianna of Ephesus & the She-wolf)",

2020, 60”H x 50"W x 30”D, ceramic, silicone, steel,

satin ribbon, spray paint, plywood

Tara Daly’s new works (including pieces above) are featured in the solo exhibition Fragile Failing Found at Applied Contemporary Gallery, Oakland, CA, with opening reception coinciding with Oakland’s First Friday Art Murmur on July 2, 2021; the exhibition continues through 8/21/2021. The works include paintings, weavings and ceramic sculptures that echo concerns of ecological and existential collapse.

Daly’s art, driven by material processes as well as her studies of permaculture, ecological evolution and complexity theories, emphasizes rejection of monoculture and underscores the importance of diversity to healthy systems. Her works, both figurative and abstract, turn the gallery into “. . .  a kind of temple strewn with altars to breakdown and potentiality”. View more about the exhibition at  Also view Tara's website at


Jacquelyn Giuffre, "Edward", 2020,

6”H x 5”W x 9”D, bronze; photo by Dana Davis

Jacquelyn Giuffre, "Edward" (oblique rear view), 2020,

6”H x 5”W x 9”D, bronze; photo by Dana Davis

Jacquelyn Giuffre's sculptured portrait of baby Rhino Edward of the Nikita Kahn Rhino research Center at San Diego Sarai Park was selected for exhibition at the National Sculpture Society 88th Annual Exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens, Murrels Inlet, SC. The exhibition continues through 8/22/2021. View Jacquelyn's website at


Marilynn Host, untitled, 2021,

36"H x 36"W x 22"D, mixed media, acrylic paint,

oil pastels, & faux gems (exhibition postcard)

Marilynn Host has a solo exhibition Sheltered Legacies, an installation of parasols (images above), which she describes as a revisit to collections & possessions that we surround ourselves with, and giving those items a place of honor on a parasol. The exhibition is at 6th Street Art Center & Studios, Gilroy, CA. View also

Marilynn Host, untitled, 2021, 36"H x 36"W x 22"D,

mixed media, paper, tulle, antique broach

Marilynn Host, untitled, 2021, 36"H x 36"W x 22"D,

mixed media, acrylic paint, paper, feathers, antique broach


Jeff Key, “Vessel #12 — Belly of the Beast”, 2003,

50”H x 21”W x 17”D, wood & flax 

Jeff Key's sculpture “Vessel #12 — Belly of the Beast” (image above) was selected for inclusion in the Ruth Bancroft 27th Annual Sculpture in the Garden exhibition at the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, CA. The piece was featured in publicity materials for the ever popular exhibition, which has its reception 7/8/2021; the exhibition continues through 8/29/2021. See more at


Kathleen King's works are included in Who Happened?, a group show from members of the Deleuze + Guattari reading group (Tracy Grubbs, Kathleen King, Niyant Krishnamurthi, Pablo Manga, Dan Nelson, Selby Sohn) at Your Mood Gallery, San Francisco, CA; the one-day exhibition is curated by Selby Sohn. See information at (reception directions at



Kristin Lindseth, "Redwood Home", 2021

71”H x 27.5”W x 30”D, wood & metal

Kristin Lindseth, "Blue House", 2020,

62.5”H x 15”W x 20”D, wood & metal

Kristin Lindseth's solo exhibition Returning Home, Sculptures by Kristin Lindseth features sculpted Redwood homes, mountain homes and a fire lookout tower awaiting the return of their evacuated owners. Kristin's new body of works reflect on the 4.3 million acres of Californias forests and hills conflagrated in August 2020, leaving many homeless again and thousands more evacuated. The pieces, built with hand tools in designs similar to Santa Cruz redwood mountain houses, are symbols of hope & concern for our neighbors and selves. Lit from within & without, music can be heard emanating from the interiors. The exhibition, curated by Courney Davies, can be seen at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, San Luis Obispo, CA, and continues through 9/6/2021.


Oleg Lobykin, Talking Heads2019, 

216”H x 108”W x 108”D, stainless steel

Oleg Lobykin's sculpture Talking Heads was installed as a public art piece in the Civic Center of the City of Newport Beach, CA

Oleg Lobykin, “Pixel”, 2018,

13”H x 13”W x 13”D, bronze

Oleg Lobykin's sculpture "Pixel" was selected as the best 3-dimensional work for June 2021 in Fusion Arts ongoing 3rd Annual Lines, Shapes & Objects Art ExhibitionOleg is now invited to exhibit "Pixel" in the Fusion Art's Annual Group Show in Palm Springs, CA, 2022. The international competition received a diverse collection of quality artwork from artists all around the world, including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, India, Croatia, Ghana, Hong Kong, Latvia, Portugal, Lithuania, the Philippines, Poland, Qater, Russia, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey and South Africa. Overall, the gallery judged 485 entries and accepted 164 artworks into the exhibition, which will be featured on the website for the month of June through 7/4/2021. For more information about the Fusion Art exhibition see


Zahava Sherez, "Being 7, InBodied Light series", 2020

47”H x 8”W x 6”D, resin, mixed media, bronze, light;

photo by Carlos Diaz Corona, Guadalajara, Mexico


Zahava Sherez, "Being 1, InBodied Light series", 2018

22”H x 3”W x 3”D, resin, pigment, mixed media, light; 

photo by Philip Cohen Photography, Oakland, CA

Zahava Sherez, "Being 2, InBodied Light series"2018

24”H x 3”W x 3”D, resin, pigment, mixed media, light;

photo by Philip Cohen Photography, Oakland, CA

Five sculptures from Zahava Sherez’s InBodied Light series were selected for inclusion in Rewrite Reality, an exhibition of works by Chinese artists and a few international contemporary artists, including Zahava. The exhibition appears at the Independent & Image Art Space, Contemporary Gallery, Chongqing, China. For more information, see this link.



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