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Special Edition of the


for September 1, 2021

What if a volunteer is not available in a volunteer-run organization?

That is a real question, not hypothetical: As of the above date, PRS's (volunteer) editor is overseas traveling on a much-needed vacation. So it is timely for this issue to focus on the importance of volunteers

(Note: Materials recently submitted for the newsletter will be held for the October 1 issue.)

PRS has no paid staff — every benefit of PRS membership exists because volunteers create and sustain them -- this newsletter, the website, exhibitions, Second Sunday Spotlights, & more.

On joining PRS, members identify their volunteer interest areas. The members highlighted below followed up by donating their time & effort as members of the Board of Directors, the steering group that organizes all PRS resources, activities and events.

PRS needs volunteers in all areas, but especially needs new candidates to replace two Board members, whose life circumstances require them to step down from their positions.

If you are not already helping PRS with your skills & interests, please step up to do so by sending an email to saying "I'd like to help". We need volunteers with a wide range of skills. 

And if you don't have time to volunteer, then please click the Donate button above to make even a small donation. When you do have time, join our efforts and enjoy making a difference.

Watch for an email inviting applicants to the PRS Board of Directors  

We will continue to highlight active PRS volunteers.

Read, enjoy, think, and volunteer. And change the world with your art.

-- PRS Newsletter Volunteers


PRS Board President 

PRS is a wonderful community of sculptors with which to share info, learn from, and build a network. I have learned and grown both artistically and professionally from working with such a great team on the PRS board; I am genuinely indebted to their generosity and giving. There are so many terrible things happening in the news that I am constantly reminded how important creating and sharing and building community are!

I do my best as a full-time teacher, spouse, and parent to keep this organization running, even when pandemics stop us from meeting in-person, as I so much want to do! If I can find time to get involved, everyone can!

Getting involved on the PRS board makes me feel like I am helping to create community and build friendships, not only personally but professionally. The group is a wealth of information about exhibitions, curators, networking, technical know-how and genuinely nice folks.

Barry Beach, "Accumulation #4"

Barry Beach, "Accumulation #2"


PRS Board Vice President, Exhibitions Committee Co-chair, Events Committee Co-chair

I volunteer to give back to the artistic community of sculptors who inspire me daily. Although this time was fraught with challenges, including civil unrest, fires, and pandemics, we still provided artists with exhibitions at venues such as the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, Artworks Downtown, as well as the prestigious ISC virtual Chapter Exhibitions to showcase our members' artwork. During this time, I derived a deep sense of community and belonging by meeting quality artists, making new friends, and learning about resources and techniques. In closing, we as artists need to lead the way in supporting the arts. 

(Thank you to Catherine, who as co-chair of the Exhibitions Committee and co-chair of the Events Committee has helped to produce exciting and prestigious PRS exhibitions and also helped with the PRSl "Second Sunday Spotlight" event series. Life events now require Catherine to step down from the PRS Board, but she continues to be engaged in PRS activities.)

Catherine Daley, "Aurora Triad"

Catherine Daley, "Quercus Illuminosa"


PRS Board Secretary, Development Committee, Communications Committee

I volunteer because I want my ideas, energy, and commitment to help make sculpture a powerful force in our community.

Being a PRS Board member enables me to learn new organizational skills and polish my prior skills; it also lets me make new connections and increase my visibility with colleagues on the local, regional, and national level. 

It helps me to create more opportunities to get my work out into the world at the same time that I help sculpture become recognized as an essential element our culture.

Even though I am busy these days, being an active participant of the PRS Board helps me to reach these goals for PRS and for myself.

Jeff Key, "Vessel #86 — Détente, Wood, 30" x 12" x 16", 2019

Jeff Key, "Vessel #91 — Scherzo, Wood & Flax, 42" x 33" x 27", 2020


PRS Board, Events Committee Co-chair

I volunteer for PRS because I really enjoy building community and trying to strengthen the connections I have to other artists. I have enjoyed being the maker of events to bring us all together. It has allowed our community to grow and connect.  It is so valuable to be able to ask questions and share experiences, whether about materials, techniques, contracts, jurors, or any number of questions that come up when you try to bring your art to the world. PRS has provided me with opportunities to show my work and to bring it to a higher standard. Being connected to PRS inspired me to go to ISC conferences and also to up my game as an artist when I see the exciting work of others. From being on the PRS Board I have formed some deep and lasting friendships. The organization grows stronger when each individual adds a bit of knowledge and experience. 

(Thank you to Eileen, who spearheaded the development of the popular and successful "Second Sunday Spotlight" event series. Due to major life changes including a move out of state, Eileen finds herself needing to step down from the PRS Board. She adds the following statement: "Thanks for all the great times. I am sorry to disconnect but I really need to try to get my feet under me here and I need a bit more time to do that. Wishing you all the best and hope to see you soon.")

Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, "Flamingo"

Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, "Acorn"

Eileen Fitz-Faulkner, "Totem"


PRS Board, Exhibitions Committee Co-chair

I volunteer for PRS because doing so makes my experience with the organization richer and personally satisfying. I enjoy knowing that my experience and skills help to make PRS run smoothly. I particularly enjoy being a part of this community of artists and getting to know other members on a deeper level by working toward a common goal. 

As a member of the Exhibitions Committee, I am able to meaningfully share my skills that benefit individual members and the group as a whole. I find it personally satisfying to give back to an organization that I’m proud to be a part of. 

Think about how you might be able to employ your skills, expertise and interests to PRS. 

Jann Nunn, "Wild Cherry", 2019Cherry wood, stainless steel 12” x 48” x 11”

Jann Nunn with her sculptureat the Museum of Sonoma County (on display through January 2022)

"One Becomes Many"; 2021, Stainless steel, powder coat, 7’ x 7’ x 3.5’ (foreground);

"!"  (pronounced Exclamation Point)2019Stainless Steel, powder coat9.5’ x 4’ x 2’ 


PRS Board, Exhibitions Committee

I volunteer for PRS because it provides opportunities to meet other sculptors and promote sculpture together for a common good, and I enjoy contributing my diverse experience and energy to the organization. I like teamwork and the good spirit of this group that believes art is essential in our life.

Oleg Lobykin, "Sea Foam"

Oleg Lobykin, "Talking Heads", at Burning Man


PRS Board

I volunteer because the PRS Board is a wonderful way to engage and contribute to the art form and to the greater community. It has provided me a connective role to broaden my interests and extend my abilities. The exposure to a rich diversity of experiences is both humbling and deeply gratifying. 

Eleas Kostis, “Rock Hopper”, steel and flame, 11' x 6', 2007

Eleas Kostis, “Habitable Zone Reveal”, willow wood and carbonized pigment, 39”x 17”r, 1997 


PRS Board, Exhibitions Committee, Communications Committee, Development Committee

I deeply appreciate the exhibition opportunities and connections I have early in my PRS membership, so in 2012 when my life circumstances allowed it, I chose to volunteer.

The timing was opportune:  PRS membership and activities had dropped sharply following the recession of 2007-2009, and had not yet recovered. And the internet was beginning to transform the world.

My prior career had given me technology and writing skills, and I was experienced in helping groups identify goals, challenges, and sustainable solutions. After surveying PRS members, a small group of us migrated communications from cumbersome and costly postal mail to email, set up a website, and restarted planning exhibitions with respected curators. In 2016 PRS gained tax-exempt non-profit status and became a Chapter of the International Sculpture Center (ISC), further expanding PRS benefits.

Over the years I have served as a PRS Board member, Board President, and as member or Chair of various Committees, including Communications (website, newsletter & other publications), and Development. 

I have met great colleagues, learned about their works, and observed how they make creative magic happen in their studios. And they have encouraged me to try things I had not considered.  

Volunteering helped me to gain or to improve skills for my art career in a rapidly changing world. 

    • managing mailing lists, promotion, social media
    • editing photos, designing graphics,
    • writing about art, 
    • designing page layouts for newsletters, brochures, & books
    • planning exhibitions (including virtual ones).
    • designing useful, resource-rich websites.

PRS has benefited, and so have I. So what do you want to contribute or learn?

Come volunteer with us — we all benefit!

Charles Stinson, "Ife Buddha (head)" work in progress

Charles Stinson, "Ife Buddha", bronze, 19" x 17" x 14", 2004

Charles Stinson, "Pleurant", ceramic, 7" x 9" x 14", 2019

Charles Stinson, "Starving Child Buddha", bronze, 5" x 3.5" x 3.5", 1997



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Submit newsletter items: A call for news items goes out the 15th of each month. 

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Facebook:  Sign up for the PRS Facebook page by visiting this link and clicking on the "Join Group" button. A PRS moderator will authorize your request, usually within 1-2 work days. Then start posting! 


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